Mom's Friday Night Movie!

As a mom I don't always get time just for me. Watching an adult movie can sometimes be frustrating if we start it while the Booper is awake we have to pause, and restart multiple times. If there is any adult content we have to make sure he is in bed or busy in another room. One night I was dying to just relax and enjoy a movie. My husband not being much of a movie enthusiast, offered to keep the Booper entertained so I could enjoy watching a movie in our downstairs. I took him up on the offer!

I had received Kevin Costner's "Robin Hood" for review from I couldn't wait to watch.

 My movie night was as easy as 1,2,3,4!

1. I selected my movie. This was easy since I had one waiting for review. When I was selecting the movies I would review from MommyBearMedia I chose Robin Hood(Rated PG-13). Robin Hood was a great value, and it had been a while since I had watched it. With Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman and Christian could I go wrong?

2. Pop that Popcorn! Why does popcorn and a movie go so well together? They just do, so pop it!

3. Unwrap my new movie! Woo woo..anticipation. Into the DVD player and I'm all set.

4. The best for last. Find my favorite spot on our new couch. Remote in one hand, drink in the other, bowl of popcorn in my lap, and it's show time!

The beginning of Robin Hood was all new to me, since it had been a while since I watched the first time. I was sort of wondering when Christian Slater was going to make his first appearance, and let me tell takes a while. Robin Hood is a classic story, but this version has a bit of a twist, and another, and another..and you get the point.

 Robin Hood's love interest comes into play and things were getting really good, then the story veers off in another direction. It's all just a bit too much story for one movie. My husband came down stairs about 3 times to check on me, thinking I had started another movie. I really wasn't cheating on my free time, this movie was really long! If I were to rate this movie, my opinion would be 3 out of 5 stars. With a run time of 143 minutes this Robin Hood is too long, and slightly dated, but not so terrible that I couldn't finish watching. Even though I probably won't be watching this particular movie again for a while, I enjoyed having my free time for movie night.
A special thanks to MommyBear Media for sponsoring my movie night!
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  1. i love robin hood! sounds like a nice movie night all by yourself...i rarely get to watch full movies here either lol

  2. I love Prince of Thieves! It is a great Robin Hood version.

  3. I love Friday Night Movies. Those movies are great choices!

  4. We love our Movie night.... haven't seen that film in years. =)


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