My 25 Goals for October

I'm the queen of making lists, and making big plans is always fun, but it's the follow through that is lacking in my life. I've decided to start a new monthly blog post. I will post my top 25 goals for the current month, and at the end of the month I will give an update to what I was able to check off my list. This will keep me honest with myself, and help me put my goals into perspective. How am I prioritizing my time? Did I complete any of the big stuff? Did I have too many excuses to accomplish my goals? These are all the questions I will be asking myself, and you will be the ones to keep me accountable.
Here are 25 goals and tasks I hope to complete this month:

  1. Start and Finish 2 books.
  2. Clean and organize the spare bedroom closet.
  3. Donate my time to helping a friend.
  4. Lose 5 pounds.
  5. Clean the tops of all the kitchen cabinets.(this is way past needing to be done!)
  6. Mail 3 cards to people I care about. 
  7. Go through all my clothes and donate to charity.
  8. Finish the ceiling in J's music room. (almost there)
  9. Have a romantic date night with just the two of us. I put this on number 9, because our anniversary is the ninth! We will be celebrating our 8 years of being married. Proud we've made it this far, here's to many many more! Love you babe.
  10. Start a savings for the Booper. Well overdue.
  11. Try 3 new recipes.
  12. Go through the Booper's toys and weed out the baby stuff. (I'm way too emotional when I try to do this, try to fight the hoarder in me!)
  13. Get all the junk out of the garage. (this should be finished after the school yard sale) 
  14. Clean up all our landscaping to be ready for winter.
  15. Celebrate my nephew's birthday...had to give myself a few easy ones.
  16. Wash all nine of the living room windows inside and out. 
  17. Take Luna for her annual shots. Poor Luna. She always does good though, so it's not a big deal.
  18. Reconnect with some friends, have a girls night out. Fingers crossed on that one. 
  19. Get back to a routine for my gym schedule. I think this will help number 4 too.
  20. Take the Booper somewhere to enjoy all the shades of fall. 
  21. Get back to using my blog planner. Yes, I've fell off that wagon.
  22. Clean out the hutch.
  23. Go for a 3 mile walk.
  24. Take the Booper to the Children's Museum.
  25. Register for Blogher13. (ooh I can't wait, I'm on the hunt for sponsors, but that's on a whole different list of goals)
These are my goals for now, I hope to have crossed off all of these at the end of the month. I'm sure there are many other goals I'm forgetting, but this is a good start. I hope to set my goals high enough, so even if I fall short of reaching them I will have accomplished something good.
What is on your list for October? Feel free to comment and share what you hope to accomplish then come back to see what you were able to do in one month!


  1. Oh.. I am planning on really improving my blog, getting more affiliate action, gaining more followers, and earning some more income! Than I want to move over to WP. Those are my major goals for the month.

    Lots of things at home, but those are my blogging goals!

  2. Great list of goals! I am need to do one like this.... I'm so overwhelmed. Good Luck! :)


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