Safeskin-Review and Giveaway

We were happy to have the opportunity to review Safeskin Kids-First Aid Antibacterial Gel. Since the Booper is a two year old, and seems to have lots of little ouchies that need attention this worked well for us.

 I don't know about you, but most of the time before trying a new product on my son, I test it first on my own skin.

 I tried Safeskin Kids on my own hand before using it on the Booper. I noted this didn't have a scent that I could smell, it went on smooth and came out of the tube without much trouble. The Safeskin Kids absorbed quickly to my skin, and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy(great for keeping those bandages attached). This gel from Safeskin claims to provide a protective barrier from bacteria for up to 48 hours. I don't really have a way to test that claim, but for a protective barrier I didn't even notice it was there. Just like most two year olds would the Booper tends to fight with me when trying to doctor his cuts or scrapes. When using the Safeskin on his small scrape on his ankle he just giggled and then told me, "Thanks". Nice. As a mom I could get used to that! I took that to mean the gel didn't sting or burn him on contact. He didn't seem to pay any attention to his scrape from then on, so it must have felt alright.

The .5 oz tube is small and convenient I can easily keep this in my purse or in my glovebox, or any first aid kit. Made by Kimberly-Clark in the USA, I feel this is a brand I can trust for all the Booper's small cuts, scrapes, and burns. 
  • Barrier to MRSA
  • 48 Hour Antibacterial Protection
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-greasy formula for stronger bandage adhesion
If you would like to purchase a tube of Safeskin Kids Antibacterial Gel for your family.
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I received this tube of Safeskin free for the purposes of review, all views are my own honest evaluations.The Mommy Island is not responsible for prize shipment. See Disclosure.


  1. I've always used an antibacterial like Neosporin and a band aid.

  2. lots of hugs and a kiss telling them i love them and they will be okay

  3. The go to item in our first aid kit is band aids. If my little boy gets hurt I give him extra hugs and kisses.

  4. lots of hugs, kisses and cool bandaids...oh yeah, and chocolate!

  5. Hello Kitty band aids makes it better.

  6. Kisses first then a bandaid always makes it better

  7. I have a product called boo boo spray, a homeopathic product.

  8. band aids for sure

  9. Band Aids and love -- that's pretty much it =)
    Miz Vickik

  10. Gotta have neosporin!

  11. I have corn filled cooling bags in my freezer at all time......they are called oowies and the kids love them if they get a boo-boo. I also always have band-aids.

  12. Kids love bandaides and ask for them weather they need them or not

  13. It's all about the pictures on the Band-Aids!

  14. candy always makes ouchies feel better. My go to item in my first aid kits are the character bandaids. that always helps too.

  15. Cartoon every time.

  16. Distraction. It usually doesn't hurt as bad then

    fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski

  17. I always gives the ouchies a kiss and a lollipop after putting on the band aid.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com


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