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I don't exactly consider myself a beauty blogger, but I love trying new things! I was given the opportunity to receive a beauty box from for review. Their subscription beauty box program is for those who want to receive 4-5 samples from great beauty brands each month. The box arrived on my porch it was a cute little box full of fun beauty finds. I had never heard of any of the products that were in my box. I couldn't wait to try them out.

As you can see from my pictures, all the products were cushioned nicely with some paper shreds. They were each tucked inside a cute little drawstring bag made of white tulle.The month I received was a fun "Tricks of the Trade" box. The first product I pulled out and tested immediately was the Goat Haus Dairy-lip balm. This lip balm made my lips silky smooth, and I loved the slight shimmer it added as well. A great find, and this appeared to be full sized. 

Next up was a product I really need, Furlesse-Elevens these little clear patches claim to help reduce frown lines. I can't say for sure after only trying the sample of 3, but I felt if nothing else the skin between my brows was very soft afterwards. This could possibly work well over time.

ShowStoppers-Fashion Tape caught my attention by the package line, " Stop the Peep Show". This fashion tape is made in a nude color(for white skin tones) at least the one I was testing. This little double-sided tape is genius. We have all had a moment where a button falls off our blouse or your out and realize your shirt is just not staying where you would like. In comes ShowStoppers. Their purse-sized packets are great to keep with you for those fashion fixes on the go. Nice. These would make a fun gift for your girlfriends.

City Lips-Lip Plumper who doesn't want a fuller pout to your lips? For me the effect didn't seem to start right away but about minute or two after applying, I felt a tingling and slight stinging sensation. It wasn't painful or anything, but I could tell it was working. My lips not only looked moisturized, they had a definite change in plumpness. They say you can use with or without lipstick. I used without, and it made my lips feel great! A keeper for me! 

This time of year causes my skin to dry out like something terrible. I was excited to try the Margania-Pure Argan Oil, and see if it could even begin to help my extra-dry skin. Testing a small amount on my hands first, before applying to my face I found it absorbed quickly. The Argan oil is 100% organic, and left my hands incredibly soft, but not greasy like you would assume an oil would. It says a little goes a long way, and if I had just used it on my face that would be true. I had to use the whole sample on my face, hands, and arms! It made my skin feel wonderful.

Lash Card-lash cards are shields for those who use mascara. I don't wear mascara, so I can't say that I used this sample, but I did look at them. I can see how convenient these would be to keep from smudging, and to get the hard to reach lashes every time. Each shield has a large and small side so you can choose whichever works best for you. These each come individually wrapped, so you can use one per make up session.

Thanks for reading my review of the Beautybox5! 

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I received the products mentioned above free for the purposes of review, all opinions are my own honest evaluations.


  1. My daughter loves receiving these type boxes. :)


  2. Wow!! This box is full of beauty items. I love subscription boxes but find that occasionally I get stuck with too much products. Is that a bad thing? lol

  3. Great way to try different colors and products. Good for the changing of the seasons when you want to change up your look.


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