Educational Toys Planet-Mixed Up Pets Review

 Always on the hunt for great toys I recently discovered Educational Toys Planet. I was amazed by the all their categories and ways to search for exactly what you're looking for. At educational toys planet you can search for a toy, by age, gender, type of play, or by subject. The selection in each category is impressive.

I loved learning more about educational toys planet, and what makes them tick. Founded in 2002, they saw a need for a source of toys designed to bring joy to children while enhancing their ability to think, analyze, and create. Each and every toy on their site is hand picked to help develop skill sets from the newborn on to older children.

They chose to send the Booper a fun Puzzle Toy set called Mixed Up Pets for review. This puzzle set is from Alex toys, and has bright colorful pieces that can be turned into silly mixed up pets. Enough pieces to make two animals, the Booper loved the cat best. We've played with this set together several times, and he's had some fun play time on his own. There are so many different possibilities of play you never know what crazy creature you'll come up with next. He has to work at building the animals, then he can imagine and play with what he creates.

Great for creativity, imagination, and pretend play, this build-a-buddy ignites a world of play. With double sided pieces you can create lots of different combinations. The Booper enjoyed creating the same cat over and over, and then would pull it all apart to mix them up and start over.

Have a look at the Booper playing with his Mixed Up Pets. 
This video is sort of dark but you can still see and hear how much fun he's having.

Thanks for reading our review of Mixed Up Pets from Educational Toys Planet!

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I received the toy mentioned above free for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own honest evaluations.


  1. That's so cute, I want these for my kiddos!

  2. Fun toy and a great learning experience. Educational Toys offers some good options. It's National Puzzle Day and puzzles get kids' brains going while they have fun.
    Sherry Compton


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