Joovy-Foocot Review

 As a mom I worry about everything a lot but worrying about the Booper's sleeping habits has been an issue since he was born. The questions that always go through my mind are: Is he sleeping enough? Is he comfortable? Does he feel safe and secure? With a husband that used to work swing shifts and now works straight days, our family's sleeping patterns have had to change to fit our lifestyle. Changing your sleeping habits is hard when you're an adult but even more so when you're a child. The Booper's sleep schedule has gone through a lot of phases. I always want him to sleep well, feel safe, and be comfortable no matter where or when he's trying to sleep.When I was looking at the great products at Joovy I looked first in the Sleep category. Since sleep is a big deal in our house, I was immediately drawn to the Foocot child's cot. We received the Foocot in Blueberry blue, it also comes in several other fun colors!

If you follow my blog then you know the Booper doesn't stay away from home often. Alright, he's only spent the night away from me one time. I have separation anxiety, but I'm starting to do better. Part of my anxiety is related to all my worries about the Booper getting good sleep away from home, and wondering if he will feel safe and secure. It might seem like a small thing, but just knowing where he will sleep when away from home gives me peace of mind. With the Foocot I now know he has a safe place to sleep no matter where he stays the night. With its safety latch (pictured above)I know this cot is going to be secure and not fold upon itself while he is resting. I'm going to tell you another feature that I am STOKED about. The Foocot will hold up to 75 pounds! That's right grandma and grandpa, 75 pounds. The Booper will be staying at your house for years to come!

Not only great for staying over with his Grandma and Grandpa, he loves just sitting on his cot to play with some of his quiet toys. The extra soft fitted sheet that comes with the Foocot makes his cot a cozy place to lay his head, and will make nap time accidents easy to clean. You can purchase additional fitted sheets or a quilted pad for the Foocot. Joovy has really given great thought to making your child comfortable at sleep time. With pockets on the side your child can keep their toys or sippy cup close by. The Booper liked hiding his toys in the pocket, and he seemed to enjoy taking them in and out while resting on his cot. We like to set up his cot when he asks to watch a movie, so it gives him a comfortable spot to relax.

If you're looking for a high quality child's cot, you shop for the Foocot at Joovy's online store! 
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  1. This sounds like a great cot. I've been very interested in purchasing one since my little sleeps on a cot at school. It sounds perfect for naptime at home!

  2. This would be perfect for when we travel to visit my husbands family. Sleeping arrangements are always an issue and usually my son sleeps with blankets and a sleeping bag on the floor. Love this Foocot!


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