LillaRose {flexi-clip review}

AuntMaesI have very long hair, and having a very spunky two year old keeps me from wearing my hair down. I've been stuck with the "mom look" for a while.What is the "mom look" you ask? Well, it means I'm always wearing my hair in a ponytail or a sloppy knot. Since I'm a mom I sometimes don't take much time to worry with my hair, and I would say it shows.

You can only imagine my excitement when one of LillaRose's consultants Aunt Mae emailed to ask if I would review the flexi-clip by LillaRose. Thankfully I could have the chance to try it out, and see if it would hold my heavy hair.
When my flexi-clip first arrived I was surprised to see it was all just one attached piece. I thought from looking at the pictures it was a loop with a separate stick, but that's not the case. The flexi-clip is all one ingeniously thought out hair clip! The "stick" part of the clip slides back, while the figure 8 flexi bends to cover your hair, then you simply slide the "stick into place on the end of the flexi 8. I was amazed at how secure the clip felt with the up styles. I had no worries of it falling.
 Above: You will see two of my favorite ways to wear my large flex-clip. I chose the Lovely Circle Stone set in green. I love emeralds and this flexi-clip beads and stone reminds me of them. With it's smart design the clip works with your hair by the size you select. Lillarose makes size selection easy with their simple video.
Watch this video and see which size clip would work best with you hair type!

I found this video to be very accurate for my size. I chose the large since my hair is below the waist, is medium thickness, and wavy. The large flexi-clip holds all of my hair and I found it super easy to use. I love that I can grab it, whip my hair up and voila, I'm out the door and on my way! (If only getting the Booper ready to go was as easy) Visit Aunt Mae's page for additional sizing information.

I've found my flexi-clip to be versatile and easy to use. I love that smaller sizes can be used as a scarf clip, and I'm no longer stuck with the "mom look". Having options for fixing your hair can make your mornings so much easier, and it helps me to feel pulled together. If you're a mom or someone with an active and busy lifestyle, try the flexi-clip by Lillarose and take the fuss out of fixing your hair!
Thank you for reading my review of the flexi-clip by Lillarose! ~Becky
Stay tuned for a giveaway!
The above mentioned flex-clip was given to me by Independent Consultant Mae Raymond for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own honest evaluations.


  1. Those look really cute! Do they work in all hair types - including fine hair?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      For fine hair types you would select a smaller size. My niece has fine, wispy hair and the small works well to pull it all up! You could also try the extra small or mini.

  2. We love our Flexi Clips from Lilla Rose! My daughter will finally let me fix her hair in another way.... she always wants a ponytail. Perfect stocking stuffer!!! ;)

  3. I would pick the small, I have fine hair but a lot of it

  4. I have a lot of thick hair and the large flex-clip would be great!

  5. I would use a Mega Flexi for buns, and a large Flexi for ponytails (I have very long, thick hair).

  6. I have very long hair and thought no way would this work for me. Thanks to your video I can see that it really holds securely. I would love to find something to hold my hair up without hurting or pinching. Hope I can try one soon.

  7. I would use the medium for most things but the more contained up-do's would require a large.

  8. I would pick small, I have short hair. This is a cool idea to do an easy and quick hairstyle.

  9. I think an extra small would work best for me. I have slightly shorter than shoulder length.

  10. I would choose the large flex-clip since I have long thick hair.

  11. I think the Extra small or the small would be good, depending if I were going half up or all up


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