Britax Carseats {an overview}

Britax Pinnacle 90

So before I entered parenthood I was a loving aunt, but I never really gave much thought to child safety seats. They were just what my niece and nephew had to sit in during our car rides. I had a booster for my niece and we would have to switch out the seat for my nephew. A funny but true story. Before having the Booper I had free time, so I called my sister and made plans to pick up my niece and nephew for a fun day out. I arrived to pick them up and my sister helped me get them loaded into my car. She wanted to make sure the car seat was installed properly for my nephew so she was the one to buckle him in. Everything was great. I got the kids out we went to eat lunch at a place where they could play for a while. When we were finished eating we all walked back to my car. My niece was big enough to get in and buckle up on her own. I walked around to help my nephew get into his car seat. I realized this was the first time I had ever been the one to buckle him in. His car seat buckle was like brain teaser puzzle the interlocking pieces had to fit perfectly together or you couldn't snap the buckle. I was completely lost. My niece tried helping... my nephew even tried his luck interlocking the pieces, finally I had to call my sister and have her try to talk me through it. I thought to myself, "Surely all car seats aren't this complicated!", and thankfully they are not!

On the hunt to find the Booper a car seat to go in our new truck, I was happy to discover some great seats from Britax like this Britax Pinnacle 90 here. With features allowing for this seat to keep your child safe from 2 years and 25 pounds up to 90 pounds the Pinnacle 90 from Britax will grow with your child. In Booster mode the Pinnacle 90 can hold your child from 40-120 pounds, keeping your child safe until they are ready to sit without a safety seat. With 3 different color designs the Britax Pinnacle 90 safety seat will carry your little one safe and in style!
Britax Frontier 90

When I'm buckling in the Booper one of the things that I look for in a car seat is ease of seat installation. Every parent has been in that position with your knee in the seat tugging away at the belt trying to decide if the car seat is installed correctly. Reading about the Britax Frontier 90 here I was intrigued by something they call the "Click-Tight" system. Listen to this..with the Frontier 90 you can actually lift the seat and SEE right where the seat belt is! Yeah so...really cool right? My thoughts exactly. No more grasping around trying to feel your way through the backside of your child's car seat and wondering if all the slack is out. These two seats from Britax are setting the standard for safety and ease of use really high. Now that I'm a mom to a really amazing Booper car seat safety is something I have to think about, and easy buckles are cool too.

 Buckle Up and Drive Safely. 

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