It's A Puzzle.

Today, The Education Center where I volunteer hosted a public event for Autism Awareness. I was able to attend with the Booper in tow. I didn't really know what to expect since I've learned a little about Autism and I've been trying to read as much as possible on the subject just to gain the knowledge and help myself gain understanding. Thankfully, the Booper slept through half of the meeting.

Autism is a tough subject since it's surrounded by so much mystery. There is something about a mystery that attracts me. My curiosity kills me. I want answers. I don't like unanswered questions. I hate books where the author leaves you hanging I also love them if the next book has already been published so I can read on and learn what happens. There is a deep craving to see the complete picture and know the ending to the story. What if you are thrown in the middle and you don't really know the beginning or the cause for the effect? That is how it feels for me with Autism. What is the cause? Where did it come from? Why are so many children affected? I want answers. I want to find the missing puzzle piece and complete this picture, and I'm not alone.

Does the Booper have Autism? No, my son isn't Autistic. It doesn't matter though I want to know more. The statistics of children that are on the spectrum is shocking and scary to me. I plan to have more children and I'm not oblivious to the fact that not only will I encounter more children with Autism my children will be growing up in society where they will have many Autistic peers. How will the Booper handle the differences? I must prepare him. I must prepare myself. We have to open our eyes and make ourselves aware of the changing dynamics of our schools and give these unique children and their families the support needed for success. Listening as the two moms told their own personal stories of life as a mom to an autistic child all I could think was, that could be me. We can't keep arguing the cause..we have to find it. I'm sporting my Autism Awareness band which has small puzzle pieces to represent the puzzle that is Autism Spectrum Disorder. What I gained today was a deeper respect for the moms, dads and caregivers that are experiencing a new normal and learning to teach in new ways. I also want more than ever to help spread Autism Awareness.

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  1. My nephew was just diagnosed with autism a few weeks ago. It's definitely a puzzle and many are in the search for that missing piece of the puzzle.


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