The Great Closet Challenge- a challenge for late spring cleaning.

Warning: This post is not for the faint of heart.
As many of my readers might know-I'm what you might call organizationally challenged. I have issues with clearing the clutter. I work very hard to fight the hoarder in me and try not be so sentimental about stuff, yet it's an ongoing battle. A blogging friend and I were chatting about how we both have this problem of letting things go and keeping our homes organized. As we were chatting I had this thought. When I have a specific goal of cleaning a small area I do well. What if we challenged ourselves to clean up one small area of our home? If we can clean up one closet how much better we will feel, and then we can take on another area that needs work. Just one small thing at a time. Starting with-what lies behind the closet door. I dare you to read on.

These are not easy posts to write since it's embarrassing to open up a closet and take pictures for everyone to see all the junk I've been cramming in over time. We have a very large old home and I counted we have 9 closets, this is the catch-all closet in our spare bedroom. By far the worst one.
I'm not blind. I know this is really bad. It wasn't quite so bad just a few weeks ago, all the storage tubs and junk were stacked to the side. After my husband and I had been working on the wiring in the closet the stack of boxes seemed to fall over being top heavy, from having too much junk. Alright now that you've seen my colossal failure at organization I will share my plan of action.

  1. Open the door and get started.
  2. Pull everything out and I mean E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!
  3. Clean the closet and shelves.
  4. Add more shelving, since we don't really use this closet for hanging clothing. 
  5. Throw out as much as possible.
  6. Donate anything worth money.
  7. I see tons of junk in there that just needs to go in it's right place. Like the wrapping paper, I have another place I actually store my gift wrapping junk. Wow, I've been really lazy!  
  8. Whatever is left that I absolutely must keep will go into smaller more manageable storage tubs.  
  9. Return the items worth keeping in a way I can see everything and actually walk into this walk-in closet.
  10.  Enjoy the liberating feeling of having made our home better. 
There are a lot of things I'm asking myself as I stare at these pictures of our closet. Why? Why did I let this get so bad? Well I know why. Time gets away from me and then so does our home. So...we gave ourselves a time limit for this challenge. 2 Weeks. We have 2 weeks to come back and share the after pictures. By giving ourselves plenty of time we hope to have some of you that are organizationally challenged to join us.

Do you accept this challenge? Leave me a comment about your organizational style-or lack of.
If you are a blogger that would like to join our Closet Challenge please write a post with a picture of a closet your needed to de-clutter and add your post link below. We will all travel around and encourage one another to keep at it. Then in 2 weeks we will come back and post an after shot of all we've accomplished!
How exciting! We can do it! Join up below!

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The Closet Challenge

Hop along if you dare! 

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  1. You're right, that is a scary post! I really could stand to do this is my closet! ugh!

  2. I accept this challenge, I am at work right now but will tackle this project this weekend.

  3. My closets are my go to place for all of our junk! I definitely need to take the time to go through them and purge and organize!


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