Call Back Faster With Trellie - Holiday Gift Guide 2013

I received the below mentioned product free for the purpose of review, all views and opinions are my own honest evaluations. See Disclosure. 
Holidays can make moms feel like they are going in fifty different directions at any given moment, but really when are moms not busy? Working from home I have a lot of freedom to grab my phone any time I need to, but for moms working outside the home that might not be the case. Our next stop on our guide is a unique gadget designed to help on-the-go moms to never miss important phone calls. Let me introduce the Trellie a wireless cellphone accessory

The sleek design of the Trellie is made to hang on the outside of your handbag to give you a visual signal when you miss a call on your cellphone. A simple chain attaches the accessory and set up is easy with the included instructions. Using blue tooth technology the Trellie syncs with your phone and will flash when you miss a call. I consider myself technologically challenged and I found the instructions easy to follow and had my phone synced in a matter of about two minutes.
Volunteering at an inclusion school I understand how important it is for parents of special needs children to never miss a call from school or childcare. Any parent's worst nightmare is missing an emergency call, now even at work you'll be able to see from a distance your Trellie missed call indicator flashing to let you know to check your phone. This clever cellphone accessory is available in either gold or silver to match your personal style. As you can see in my pictures the Trellie adds to my handbag style. I appreciate that the light is plenty bright and easy to spot a great feature for someone who is hearing impaired too! I really think my mother would benefit from this since she tends to miss calls simple because she doesn't always hear her phone ringing inside her purse. The Trellie retails for $49.99 and is available in their online shop. 

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  1. Very interesting concept. So many people from moms to business workers to anyone. I like that it is easy to figure out, set up, and use, and having a light blinking really would catch your eye.


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