Big Fun At #MonsterJam

I received free tickets to this event in exchange for sharing my honest opinions. See Disclosure.
Roar! That was the muffled sounds we heard from the huge trucks coming through our earplugs at Monster Jam. The Booper sat very still (if you know most 3-year-old boys that is rare) he was concentrating. I'm not sure if he believed his own eyes at first. It was the coolest thing ever. I did watch the trucks but for so much of the evening I was watching my son as he experienced the awe of seeing those big tires crushing the cars beneath. When the first truck roared to life his mouth hung open about to drool-priceless!
We were very happy that someone had gave us the advice to bring along some earplugs and earmuffs for the Booper. The noise level is very very high, so you'll want to bring hearing protection and this is not a show I recommend for babies or small children who might not like wearing muffs. The Ford Center of Evansville, Indiana offered tight quarters for the drivers but they made the most of the space and the kids loved it. The show was divided up into sections with Motocross, Monster Trucks, and Four Wheeler races so it was constantly changing and I thought they did a good job of keeping a flow. There was only one time where the pause was longer and the Booper got a bit restless. I have to admit I left with a smile on my face. As we walked back after the night of big tires, big air, and ear crushing noise all the Booper kept asking for was more. He even offered to help my husband turn our truck into a monster truck. A fun night for our whole family, and great bonding time for the Booper and Daddy. Fun times!

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  1. We went to Monster Jam and LOVED IT!!! Glad you have a fun time too. =)


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