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Our next stop on our Luck Be A Baby event brings us to one of the Booper's favorite places to go, Build-A-Bear Workshop! The Booper like most four year old kids loves stuffed animals, he has several that he piles up on his bed each night. I usually end up putting a few on the floor just so he'll have room to sleep. All of his loveys give him comfort at night and when we travel we have to take a couple with us for him to feel at home wherever we go. Some of his favorite stuffed animals come from the Build-A-Bear Workshop.
He was so excited when he opened the package to see his newest furry friend "Champ" Champion Fur Kids 16 inch bear. This adorable teddy bear has a stitched on heart and special stitching detail around his paws that make him unique. Why is Champ a champion? He is special because one dollar from each Champ purchase goes to the Build-A-Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation. The Bear Hugs Foundation uses the money from the Champ sales to grant money to "Pawesome" children's charities! Champ has a big heart for kids, and the Booper has a big heart for his new bear.

If you've never visited a Build-A-Bear Workshop then you've been missing out on some fluffy fun. The workshop is more than just a store it's a shopping-entertainment experience for children of all ages. As you enter the workshop you're going to be engaged by a station attendant and they will walk you through the eight stations of building your new friend.

Station One-Choose Me 
You or your child will select the animal or character to stuff. With over 30 varieties to choose from you're going to find one to be your favorite.

Station Two-Hear Me
You'll be able to choose if you would like to add a voice box to your new friend. You can even record your own voice saying a special word or phrase!

Station Three-Stuff Me
The station attendant will walk you through a fun process of making your new pet your own, even giving them a heart to love you with. Very sweet. This is always the Booper's favorite part of the visit.

Station Four-Stitch Me
Your pet is fluffy and just the way you like. Now it's time for the Bear Builder associate to stitch your new friend together and enclose a special bar code inside. This code can be scanned in the event your friend is ever lost the store will know who it belongs to.

Station Five-Fluff Me
Time to give your new friend a good "cleaning" and brush down. This is the Booper's second favorite station. He loves pretending to give his pet a shower at the fluffing station.

Station Six-Dress Me
Pick out a fun outfit for your new friend. The Booper's newest friend is a super hero! Champ has a Spiderman costume just one of the many choices available at Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Station Seven-Name Me
Choose a name, and register your new friend.

Station Eight-Take Me Home! 
Make you purchase and take home your new furry friend. Let the good times roll!

Each of these fun stations gives your child options of making their stuffed animal unique and gives them an experience they won't soon forget. If you don't live near a Build-A-Bear Workshop you can also visit their online shop and choose your furry friend right from home.

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