Dreams We Want To Have: The Booper Reel

Since returning to the outside workforce I've had huge feelings of guilt and regret for leaving the Booper at night. My husband is perfectly capable to take care of our little man, but this was not how I envisioned our life going. I planned to be with the Boop until he started school then I would always be home when he was. Even though I know the Booper will always love me just the same I go through rough moments where I question if he understands that I wish I could stay home with him at night. This morning when I got up we were in the kitchen and he was helping me get my coffee going(he loves putting the k-cup into the Keurig for me) we had this conversation:

Booper: I'm just sad this morning mommy.

Me: Why are you sad?

Booper: Because I didn't dream about you last night.

Me: You wanted to dream about me?

Booper: Yes, I told myself to have a good dream but my dreams didn't listen.

Me: Well we can't control our dreams.

Booper: But I missed you while I was sleeping because I didn't dream about you.

Me: You don't have to dream about me now, I'm here.

Booper: It's a good day now mom!

Me: You're right!

Melt my heart.
Melt my guilt.
Melt my fears.
Melt my dreams into something new.
Working outside or in the home, I'm happy to be this sweet boy's mom.
The stuff dreams are made of.

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  1. Aw, that is so sweet. It's fun that he likes to do the coffee thing.

    slehan at juno dot com


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