Paige's Book Shelf: Children's Book "When a Spider Came to Stay" By Rebecca Crosdale

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Have you ever been caught off guard when a spider walks into a room where you're sitting?
“When a Spider Came to Stay” is a wonderful children’s book. It helps teach today’s youth, that there is no need to fear some things. Also that it is possible, if you sit back and pay attention, that you just might find the good in the things you once thought had no purpose.

This story takes a young girl on a journey of discovery, both in finding out that there is no good in being afraid of the spider, and noticing the beauty the spider brings to her life. The young girl wants so dearly for the spider to be her friend, and even though she offers the spider many things, the girl has to learn what it is the spider really wants.

Are you afraid of spiders?

Many children do have a fear of spiders, and many bugs for that matter, but Rebecca Crosdale writes a wonderful book about the beauty and wonderment a child can find in one of the bugs they most fear!

I suggest this book for any parent to read with their child, or teacher to read with their class. After you are done reading "When a Spider Came to Stay," you can use the discussion guide at the back of the book to talk to your children, or make up discussion topics of your own.
Brooklyn Age:11
A Child’s Opinion:

I had a friends daughter, an 11 year old girl read “When a Spider Came to Stay” and afterward I interviewed her on what she liked most about the book.

Me-What did you think about “When a Spider Came to Stay”?
Brooklyn-I thought it was very interesting.

Me-Are you afraid of spiders?

Me-When you read the book what did you learn about spiders?
Brooklyn-That they have a purpose.

Me-What was the spiders purpose?
Brooklyn-To make the web.

Me-What was your favorite part about the book?
Brooklyn-I liked it when the spider kept on making the web bigger and bigger, and that the girl liked the webs because they were beautiful.

Me-Would you have your friends read “When a Spider Came to Stay”?

Me-What would you tell your friends about the book to get them to read it?
Brooklyn-That I think they would like it, because it’s really good. I think they would not be so scared of spiders if they read it.

Short Clip from “When a Spider Came to Stay” as seen on the back cover:
She appeared one day next to the chair, right there on the floor. She looked strange and didn't speak my language, yet there she was, just looking up at me. I didn’t know why.

Author Rebecca Crosdale

Learn more about When A Spider Came To Stay at the author's site: Rebecca's Den and chat with her about her book on Facebook and Twitter.

Invite your child to explore something they fear to discover beauty where they least expect it. Read "When A Spider Came To Stay" by Rebecca Crosdale.


  1. this sounds like a good book for kids.

  2. OK, *I* need to read this and see what spiders are good for. I don't like them.

    slehan at juno dot com

  3. I really like your interview with Brooklyn. Great to see how kids saw the book. It sounds like a cute and important read. I don't like spiders and don't want to mess with them, but I do realize they have an importance, too...just not in the house. :)


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