School Readiness Made Fun By Lakeshore Learning

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Every parent wonders if their child is ready for Kindergarten. My husband and I have talked a lot about this subject and we were happy the Booper's birthday fell so he would have one more year before starting Kindergarten. We thought it would be a good idea to start him with a half-day K-4 program to get him ready. If you're like us you may want to give your child some tools to get ready for Kindergarten. No parent wants their child to lack the skills needed to achieve success at school, so Lakeshore Learning has created a fun game to help caregivers and children to be confident at the start of school. 
When I told the Booper he had a new game to play with me he was so excited. I told him it was a game show with a chance to win money (even play money) his response? "I'm going to win all the money mom!" Perfect. This Kindergarten Game Show game is the first in this line of readiness games from Lakeshore Learning. You will find the "Are You Ready" games from Kindergarten through 5th grade level available for purchase at Lakeshore Learning. Each set is designed to be appealing to the appropriate grade level and parents can print FREE activity pages and track their child's progress online. We played and played this game together and the Booper never tired of answering these quiz cards. He only got a few wrong which sort of surprised me on how much he already knew. I'm really happy with our choice to go ahead and send him to preschool, but I also know now that when the time comes he's ready for Kindergarten. The great thing about these readiness games are there are different levels of play so we can keep playing as he learns and the game stays fresh. 

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  1. I really like that these games go through to the 5th grade level. My son is in first, but I think he would enjoy the on for second graders. Good luck to the Booper on his k-4 school year.

  2. It's that time of year again, and my grandkids are being homeschooled. You want to make learning fun to keep their attention and get them interested. I like games that help with this. Good luck on this school year!


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