Simple Security Solutions From Norton by Symantec

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How much time to you spend online at home? How much time are you online on your phone or tablet? I know the answer for our family-a lot! Families like ours are constantly putting their personal information on the computer without knowing who else might be trying to access it. Now there's a simple security solution for all your devices from a name you know- Norton by Symantec. Norton 360 Multi-Device offers one product to cover up to five devices.

Whether you spend all your time watching kittens play on your phone or you're paying bills from your PC your devices can be secure with Norton 360. If all the cyber war talk has you thinking it's time to update your internet security then it's time to discover Norton products. 
Norton 360 by Symantec offers:
  • Keeps you safe when you surf, shop and bank online.
  • Warns you about social media scams and suspicious content.
  • Stops both today's and tomorrow's threats.
  • Automatically backs up your important files and treasured memories.
  • Blocks infected and dangerous downloads.
  • Cleans up your hard drive to free up space.
All these features will help give you peace of mind while you and your family enjoy going online. I love the file back up feature! I was just talking with a friend the other day who lost several years worth of pictures when her computer crashed. How amazing would it be if she had them backed up by a product like Norton 360?

If you're ready to purchase Norton 360 Multi-Device to protect your private information then be sure to use the money saving Norton by Symantec coupons from! 

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  1. I like that there are coupons that will help afford this item! Thank for trying to make it easy for us to secure our computers!


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