My Best Black Friday Bargain

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I didn't really get into Black Friday bargain hunting until about six or seven years ago. I went with my sister to help her hunt for the best deals for my niece and nephew. We had such a great time joining the masses of people that were crowded into each store. I'll never forget how we took turns with the shopping cart so one of us could squeeze down an isle to get a toy or product on our list. We had so much fun and got most of the things we were going for. I don't remember specifically what toys we found that day, but it was fun experience we enjoy talking about as if retelling an old war story!

My best ever Black Friday bargain would have to be a toy I bought on a whim for the Booper. It was a giraffe track toy for toddlers that caught my attention since it looked like a toy to keep little hands busy. If my memory serves me well, it was originally priced at $40 and the Black Friday sale price was $15. I had already shopped early for our little guy, but for that great price and the fact that this toy was pretty big made it appear to be a good buy. I'll never forget when he opened the large box, he actually seemed uninterested and moved on to open the next gift. I shrugged. Oh well, at least I didn't spend much money on it.

Later when the excitement of the day was slowing down and we were opening all of his packages, I pulled out that giraffe toy and put it together. He started squealing with delight and sort of prancing his legs up and down with anticipation. That bargain toy ended up being the most played with toy that holiday. Not only did he love sending the balls down the track but even older children (including my husband and I) loved playing with him. To some people $15 might not seem very cheap, but for the amount of time he's used that toy it was a better deal than I knew when I bought it.

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  1. I dont do Black Fridays anymore... a ew years ago Best Buy ticked me off so bad I swore never again.
    I think the best one I ever got were a pair of boots for hubby !


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