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With Christmas 2014 approaching this is the time of year when I start to reflect on past holidays and how quickly time flies. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating baby's first Christmas and now he's four and has a list a mile long for Santa, a man the Booper can't stop talking about. I know I'm like every other doting parent, but I really do have the sweetest kid. The other day while engaging in one of our many MANY talks about Kris Kringle the Booper asked me what we should buy for Santa. I was a bit stunned by the question. I had never thought about giving Santa something. so this will be our first year to set out milk and cookies for Jolly St. Nick.
I was amazed at how excited my little boy got when talking about making cookies and using a big mug to pour the milk for Santa. He truly was just as happy describing the details of making Santa smile as he was talking about the toys he hopes to receive. I love developing his giving spirit and teaching him the joy of giving, but sometimes I think he teaches me. To be just as excited about every detail of making someone's day brighter as I am to unwrap something I've been wanting is a lesson I hope to never stop learning.

The Booper helps me to be more giving when I've become cold and burnt out from the clanging bells. He asks for my spare change to drop in the bucket, as if hearing those coins drop in the can is the best sound ever. He makes the joy last too, (which is my lesson in patience) each piece goes through the slot one at a time. When asked why there's a wagon holding a clear cube with some money in the bottom at the store, I respond "That's the money to help the kids at the children's hospital." Then I must dig through the bottom of the depths of my tote for him to drop some money into the cube. His smile is huge as we walk away, and so is mine. Once upon a time I was a little girl at that very same children's hospital gripping tight the new doll I received after getting some blood work. Every penny you give during the holidays or any time of the year is never wasted. If you're looking to build your own treasured memories of giving then you might benefit from joining the Giving Tuesday movement! 
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