Roars Of Laughter: Our Family Movie Night

I received a family movie night kit from fox insiders in exchange for this post. 
Family time can mean a lot of different things to different families, but when you say family movie night you probably think of popcorn and and your big screen. We don't get to have family movie night often since my husband and my taste in movies differs so much from the Boopers. When Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb arrived I was excited to have a fun movie we could all watch together. While it would be fun to do a movie marathon of all the Night At The Museum movies we didn't have time, so we went straight for Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb. We'll have to plan our marathon for another day. 

After filling up on some pizza, we also enjoyed our themed snacks sent to us by Fox Insiders for our special family movie night. The chocolate was a big treat, but I had never had Turkish Delights and I have to say I'm not a fan. The movie starts off at the museum of course where there's a big event happening, but something goes wrong the exhibits start going berserk and you learn the special tablet that makes them come to life is slowly losing it's magic. Larry (Ben Stiller) and the gang head off to help find a cure for whatever is ailing their beloved tablet to keep his friends around. 
There are some new faces too, I personally like the addition of Sir Lancelot (Dan Stevens), but wasn't a big fan of the newest Neanderthal (also Ben Stiller) who has a strange resemblance to Larry. The Booper had just enough action for his sensitive nature without getting scared, the dino scene was borderline. At five years old he doesn't care much for anything with too much suspense, but some of this story line was lost on him so it worked well. He just loved the antics of Dexter the monkey(Crystal a Capuchin Monkey). There's a good balance for young and old, and we all had our favorite moments. I have to say I was cracking up laughing at the scenes with the security guard Tilly(Rebel Wilson) she helped to bring a fresh feel to the dynamic. I would be lying if I didn't say seeing Theodore Roosevelt(Robin Williams) wasn't bittersweet. He was a very talented actor and brought so much joy on and off screen, for that reason alone his character will always be my favorite. Want to host your own Night At The Museum family movie night? It's as easy as grabbing your own copy of Night At The Museum:Secret Of The Tomb on Blu-Ray and DVD and popping some popcorn. Follow along with all the Fox Insiders families and share your own family movie night stories on social media using the hashtag #Night3MovieNight


  1. We saw this as a family in the theater over Christmas break. We do one family movie theater trip each year. We all liked it. I was surprised at how much I laughed. I thought I wouldn't really enjoy it seeing as it's the 3rd in the series, but it was pretty funny. Sad to see Robin Williams though.

  2. I have not seen this movie and I want to because it looks so good and so much fun! I liked the other Night at the Museum movies and this one looks great!

  3. Too bad on the chocolate not being very good. Love family movie nights. Recently had my grandkids and we had a movie night with Paul Blart. It makes movies even funnier watching them with kids.
    Sherry Compton

  4. I really liked this movie and it is now been on TV. I thought it was entertaining and engaaging. I liked ow Robyn Williams told his own type story as Teddy. I liked it a lot.

    ellen beck


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