The Joy Of Giving #SnacksForStudents

I received a gift card to purchase products to donate, along with compensation in exchange for this post. 
If you have kids or have ever been around them, then you know how much kids like to eat snacks. Snacking is a great way for kids to get the energy they need to learn and play. With that in mind Champions For Kids has joined forces with several great sponsors to bring #SnacksForStudents to a local organization near you! The Champions For Kids and Simple Giving program are working hand in hand with local Wal-mart stores to offer easy ways for you to give back to the children in your community. I was honored to have the opportunity to help an organization in my home town by connecting them with Champions For Kids. As part of this amazing program I received a one hundred dollar gift card to spend on snacks at Wal-mart to benefit the children of The Education Center Inc.

Shopping for our Community Champion was so much fun, especially since my favorite shopping buddy was along to help. After talking with the lead teacher at my selected organization I knew they were needing some small bottles of water for the students, so that was first on our list. If you're ever wondering what a local charity is needing it's as easy as just making the call and asking them. We worked our way through the isles and tried to pick a big variety of snacks. Fresh fruit was a great idea, but I also needed items with a longer shelf life so cracker sandwiches and organic fruit rope made the cut. There's such an amazing joy in giving to others. I knew this wasn't my money I was spending, so I wanted to be sure I was getting the most out of it to maximize the benefit to the kids.
 Excitement and smiles as we called to let The Education Center Inc. know we were on our way with a delicious donation. We were met at the door by several students anxious to help unload the goodies. That day it happened to be all boys at the center, so there was a roaring approval for all the things the Booper and I picked out. Some of the student's favorites were; apples, organic fruit ropes, and the chips. The Education Center Inc. is new to the Champions For Kids program but the lead teacher was overwhelmed by the kindness put into the #SnacksForStudents program. A simple thing like enjoying a snack can mean the difference between a good day and not so good day to a child. The Snacks for Students program is the first of several campaigns to launch nationally, with the goal to provide resources for more than 10 million children in 2015.
How To Participate
If you're ready to get active and help a local organization then giving is as easy as shopping at your local Wal-mart and finding the Champions For Kids donation bin. All donations made in-store will stay in the local community and be distributed through school districts or youth-based organizations. Find a participating store near you by visiting Champions For Kids and searching your state.

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  1. Love this and hope to see these bins in more places. We often find really good deals when shopping and buy extra to donate.

  2. What a wonderful way to donate! I am amazed at how much you were able to pick up for that amount! Great job... hope the children loved their snacks.

  3. This is a wonderful program! You did good on your shopping trip!

  4. I always love programs like this. Most kids really are ready for a snack after school and for ome it is a good motivator to keep going!

    ellen beck on forms

  5. What a great program, how nice to be part of giving to those how need help.

  6. This is a great program and a big help. There is joy in giving, and you are helping and passing along that joy. Today is Do Something Nice Day. I hope others get in on the joy of giving.


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