Friday, June 9, 2017

Streamline Your Laundry Room With Best Buy

I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. 
Laundry is a never ending battle with our family of four. Laundry Day? I don't see how people can keep a single day for laundry, it seems I always have something in the wash. With the front loading washing machines available at Best Buy you can streamline your laundry room to be more efficient.
You would think our toddler would be the hardest on clothes, but actually my own clothes seem to need the most attention. With so many washes clothes can start to show fading and age fast, but the LG 12-Cycle Front-Loading Washer gets your clothes clean while being gentle. It also features a sanitary cycle that allows you to add steam to effectively kill germs on your dirtiest laundry (like my husband's work clothes.) My favorite feature is the FreshCare option of this LG front-load washer! The FreshCare setting will periodically tumble clothes for up to eight hours to prevent wrinkles if you’re unable to unload after a cycle ends. We've all had those moments when we forget about a load of clothes and we have the "Oops!" moment, not with FreshCare! 

 If you're considering switching to a front loading machine, you'll want to consider these benefits:

  • Consumes Less Energy
  • Uses Less Water
  • Gentle On Clothes
  • Faster Spin Cycle Helps Reduce Time Drying
Do you have a larger family? Or perhaps you just need to cut down your time spent in the laundry room? Then let me introduce you to the SIDEKICK! The LG SideKick attaches to the bottom of your compatible LG front-loading washing machine and adds an additional 1.0 Cu. Ft. of washing space! The LG Sidekick is perfect for families looking to streamline laundry "day" and get back to enjoying time playing outside.
Now that you're ready to upgrade your laundry room, be sure to visit Best Buy and talk with their trained Blue Shirt Experts about the benefits of the LG Front-Loading Machines. Don't miss the savings going on now! Purchase an LG Front-Loading Washer and SideKick together and save an additional $150! 


  1. Best buy has great appliances.

  2. Great ways to improve the laundry room.

  3. This is such a pretty laundry room! My dreamhouse has a large laundry room :)

  4. This is a very nice laundry room! Best Buy has great products. Thanks!

  5. What a cool laundry room! It's like a dream!

  6. What a wonderfully large laundry room! I would love to have one like this! Mine is a tiny room down off the sunroom with just room enough for the washer & dryer. That washer / dryer set from Best Buys looks really wonderful! Mine are from the scratch & dent place LOL

  7. I like so many of the features especially how it can reduce drying time. This would seem like a good energy savings.

  8. That picture right there is my dream laundry room.... right now I have a closet in the main hallway so you can hear the washer/dryer go if you are in the living room.

  9. Now that is a beautiful laundry room.

  10. So fancy! I bet very practical as well.


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