Dig It Up! Discoveries Kit From MindWare Is A Fun Hands-On Gift!

 I purchased these sets for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

I love searching for unique gifts for my kids and finding kits or projects that they can do. I was excited to come across the Dig It Up Discoveries kits from MindWare with themes that both of my kids would enjoy. We got the Cat themed kit and the kit with Horses. I'm excited to share our experience with you and show you what these look like inside! 

When we opened up the Horses themed kit, we were excited to discover the adorable horseshoe-shaped clump with a chisel in each individually wrapped piece. With 12 pieces in each set, this would make a fun party activity! 

Step one. Open your horseshoe. 

Step two. Soak in a cup or bowl of water for at least 3 minutes. 

Step three. Lay down newspapers or paper towels to protect your workspace. (It will get messy!)

Step four. Use the small chisel to chip away to discover your hidden figurine! 

Step five. Rinse off your figurine and play! 

Step six. Clean up! 

The anticipation is part of the fun! What type of horse will be inside? She couldn't wait to dig it up and find each one. At 5 years old the anticipation was a little too much for her and I had to help her dig them out faster. We did find that they were easier to dig the longer you allow them to soak, so by the end, we were letting them soak for 5-10 minutes before chiseling. 
If a little mess is not your thing, then you'll likely want to do this activity outside. These Dig It Up! sets create a dusty spot, but for me, it wasn't a big deal I just wiped it up with a wet cloth. It was well worth the cleanup time to see the kids' excitement as they worked to dig out their favorite animal figurines. 
The really cool part about these kits is after they've enjoyed digging out their treasure they have a toy that they can play with for a long time plus the fun memory of working to find it! 
Every child is different and MindWare offers a variety of set themes to choose from. Grab a Fairy kit or perhaps you have a Dinosaur party planned, either way, I think your kids will enjoy chiseling to find their unique toy with these sets! Do you think your kids would like these? Tell me your thoughts or ask me a question in the comments. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I love finding unique gifts for my kids and nieces and nephews so I can't wait to do some shopping at Mindware!

  2. Oh my gosh! What a great idea! I love how the item is buried within a themed item. (horse shoe) for the horse and ball of yarn for the cat)

  3. My kids would love this they are obsessed with things like this

  4. This is adorable. My youngest would have loved this when she was younger.


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