Relieve Your Back Pain With The At-Home Muscle Stimulator From AUVON

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There are times when going to a chiropractor, masseuse, or physical therapist isn't practical. Now, I always recommend going to a professional if you are having any issues with your health. However, in the intermediary, or to help maintain some small moments of pain, I want to introduce you to a great product. The AUVON 4 Outputs TENS Unit EMS Muscle Stimulator Machine for Pain Relief Therapy with 24 Modes Electric Pulse Massager.

The TENS machine is a safe, non-invasive, drug-free method of pain relief and pain management. Many people have even used it for intense pain from a sports injury, knee injury, foot, hip, arthritis, or tennis elbow. This unit combines 2 therapies in 1 device, in which TENS is a muscle stimulator for pain relief which provides safe, non-invasive, drug-free methods and has been used by doctors and physical therapists for years. EMS brings elicitation of muscle contraction using electrical impulses and activates the muscles to assist in the increase of strength and endurance as a rehab and strength training tool. 

I am a thorough reader of all directions. I greatly appreciated how direct and clear they were. At first, it felt a bit overwhelming, however, being the first time I have used a device like this, I needed it. I really like that I can set up different modes for different needs for my body. The muscle stimulator unit is easy to read and choose modes. It's also about the size of a cellphone and can easily be controlled with one hand. The Auvon is even easy to use on the go. I could easily get some pain relief while sitting at a kiddo's baseball practice.

Overall, I've really enjoyed this unit. It charges rather quickly and is easy to use. I've liked the different modes and how many functions I can personalize to my experience. Don't be fooled by the size of this machine, because it packs a pretty powerful punch. The pads included with the device are just the right amount of sticky and last quite a while. I've used the unit many times and the pads are still functioning as well as new. I would recommend this affordable drug-free pain relief unit to anyone who is looking for some pain relief, as this one is just as great as professional units.

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