Children Learn By Doing With Interactive Books From iSeek!

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From the beginning of this homeschool year back in August of 2020, I knew the biggest challenge would be to keep my preschooler engaged independently. The Booper is in the fifth grade and while most of his studies are independent, he needs active instruction for math and science. While I would be helping him, I needed fun activities to keep the little miss entertained with her own learning. When we received a box of new titles from iSeek our 5-year-old was thrilled and couldn't wait to get her hands on them to start playing!

Unicorns! She couldn't wait to get her hands on this adorable magic paint-with-water book. Not only did the beautiful cover attract her attention she immediately noticed the included water brush. This book has created hours of captivating playtime for her since we received it. She needed a little help filling the water brush to get her going but then she was fully immersed in the activity and had to paint every single page again and again. As the page dries, the color fades back to white so your child can reuse this Magical Water Painting Unicorn book for hours of enjoyment! 
The best part about this type of "painting" is that your preschooler doesn't need to worry about staying in the lines, and you don't have to worry about paints getting on anything! 

Let's Learn 100 Words and Let's Learn Math Write and Wipe Books
The thing I've learned from my time working as a preschool teacher and from watching my own children is that kids' hands need time to build muscle and fully develop so that they can write well. Giving my daughter lots of practice in a relaxed pressure-free way helps her to enjoy writing her letters and numbers and with these delightful books from iSeek, she gets the chance to practice again and again. For her wiping the page clean at the end is the best part of the activity! She is still learning to stay on the lines and perfection is not the goal, practice and finding joy in the process is everything and these two books are making that possible. 
F is for Fairy! Trace and Learn Unicorn Handwriting Practice
If you're looking for a more traditional tracing book to help your preschooler practice writing her letter then she will love this fairytale-themed book. The layout of this book is simple and fun with cute illustrations on one side that your child can color than the tracing page is on the other side. My favorite thing about this book is that the whole page focuses on one letter giving lots of practice space for each one. My only wish was that these had perforated pages so that they could lay flat while she traces the letters. That being said, this book is both a tracing book and coloring book so it's great for packing in your homeschooling go-bag. 
Cats are king! (or queen at our house!) 
Design and Draw 50 Cat Outfits with this purr-fect sketchbook! 
Cats seem to be trendy right now, or maybe I'm just noticing them more since we have a cat and my kids can't get enough of all things cat-related. This book is fun for little fashionistas to practice their design skills. Each delightful page features a cat or a kitten with a job or hobby and little artists can use their crayons, pencils, or markers to draw on the outfit! Lots of paw-some fun for boys and girls who love cats.
Fingerprint Farm
Our daughter is a sensory kid. Of course, all kids are, but she seems to be drawn to paints, slime, dough, and any sort of activity where she can really feel the fun! For our daughter, the Fingerprint Farm book got a big thumbs up! She had to use EVERY finger to paint the adorable farm-themed pages. I like that each page offers new images around the farm and new themes for kids to paint. Her favorite pages were making the pigs muddy because she could really go crazy with the paint because pigs get very muddy after all. The only trouble with this book is stopping your child from turning the pages to paint every page before the first one dries to prevent smudging. 
Dive In! Color, Cut, and Fold Ocean Animals Activity Book
Get those preschool motor skills going with this fun spiral-bound activity book. You will need a few supplies to go along with this book; a pair of preschool scissors, a glue stick, colored pencils, or crayons. This book offers your child the opportunity to create 15 big ocean animal, paper models. 
Mask Up Unicorn Masks! Unicorns Color and Cut Masks 
There's a lot of talk about masks right now, but these are masks your child will love to color and cut out to wear! This spiral-bound book contains 10 magical masks for creative play. I appreciate that the reverse side of the page also has the dotted cut lines so that my preschooler can see where to cut from either side. You will need some string or elastic to tie to the mask so that your child can wear it once complete. I recommend using an elastic cord so that it stretches to fit and hole reinforcement stickers so that the mask will last through multiple rounds of play. 

Which of these activity books would get your preschooler excited? 


  1. These activity books are so bright, colorful, and engaging! My kids would love every single one of them! I am definitely going to buy them some, thanks for sharing!

  2. Interactive books are such fun. I remember they were my favorites when I was kid. Thanks for posting!

  3. The cut, color and fold book is super cute and sounds like fun. Love these activity books for my kids.


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