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I received the following items for review. The thoughts and opinions are all my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

If you are a game-loving family Goliath Games is the 
place to go. With so many different games to choose from no matter your child’s age, there is something fun for them to play. 

My children range from 3-12 years and game night can be a challenge! Finding games that fit all their different age levels and ability levels can make game buying frustrating. Goliath Games was a huge sigh of relief for this mama. We already had Burping Bobby which brings laughter from our entire gang, as well as Gator Golf which helps with hand-eye coordination. 

With several new games to choose from we decided to start with the easier level games that my 3-year-old would enjoy, and then work our way up to more challenging games. Starting with Wild Kratts Pop ‘n’ Race Game we enjoyed watching our oldest who wasn’t challenged help our youngest. My 3-year-old giggle each time she popped the dice and my older kids laughed right along with her! 

Our next game night was spent playing Don’t Drop the Meatballs. For this we had the objective of pulling out twisty spaghetti noodles one by one, trying as hard as we could to not have the meatballs fall off the little plate/table. The age recommendation was 5 and up, but my 3-year-old was able to play just with some support from her siblings! 

Third up was the game Googly Eyes. All four of my kiddos were so excited to play this game. Wearing silly glasses that make everything you look at sideways, you must draw a picture of the chosen item while everyone guesses what you are drawing. Each kiddo took a turn and was so excited to see how wonderfully horrible their drawing was. 

Our most favorite game out of the bunch is Dance Charades from Pressman. With the included CD or the help of Alexa (or Google Assistant), you have up to 40 seconds to dance out as many of the dance charades cards that you can. While it was a bit above my 3-year-old, she too had a blast dancing beside us and laughing hysterically watching all of us attempt to dance out the action on the card. 

Dawn Under is a fun memory game that brings spooky to life. Coffins, vampires, and garlic to boot! Test your skills and be the first to match your vampire to the correct coffin. Once a player’s vampires are all matched to their coffins, they win! 

Last up on our game week adventure was Finding Nessie by Pressman. This game has a unique 3D game board. Taking turns, we had to look “underwater” to find Nessie. Piecing puzzle picture pieces together one by one! When we found all of the necessary puzzle pieces to complete Nessie that game was over, and the winner declared. This game took longer to play than the others but had my kids fiercely competing to see who would find Nessie first. 

Having new games lead to a week of family fun and so much laughter! Check out Goliath Games and all they have to offer you won’t be disappointed. 



  1. Finding nessie looks so cute!

  2. These games are awesome! I'd love to have them in my home. Thanks for posting!


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