#Boneless Mini Skateboarders Review

 Our kids were stoked to unbox these Boneless Skateboard Toys for our playtest. We popped each of the skateboarders out of their packages and added batteries to their charging bases to get started and then we were on a roll. This is not the type of toy I would have picked out for either of my kids as they haven't shown interest in skateboarding themselves, however, their excitement proved that it's good to try new things! 

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We received 3 of the super-charged skateboarders to play with and I love that they had a girl in our box so that Miss Boopdi could see that girls can skateboard too. Each #Boneless skater comes with a removable, collectible deck and power charger. The power chargers are interchangeable so you can charge any board on any charger. These fun figures are super bendy! You can twist and bend them every which way just like their BONELESS. My kids seemed to try every possible pose in the first five minutes. We did notice some paint chipping off the boy characters but my kids weren't bothered by it. I don't think they were overly rough or playing with the toys in a way not intended so I think the paint chipping is worth a mention. That said, the functioning of the charged skateboards kept my kids busy for over an hour playing in the first sitting. Then 6-year-old daughter has been the one to get them out to play again and again. Her laughter at watching the skateboard zoom around with or without a skater makes me happy. 

Along with the skaters we received the Cray Play Super Street Skate Park and the Cray Play Big Air Mega-Ramp. These added lots of fun to the play since you must balance your skater to keep them upright throughout the course. Our daughter didn't care if the skater fell over she thought they were hilarious spinning on their side. It takes a bit of trial and error to #stickthetrick but that's part of the fun. Each set included a sheet of stickers for individual customization. The Boneless toy line is available now at Target. 

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