Blogger Opportunity: 2024 Blogger Talk Cash Event Sign Up


Join us for our 2024 Cash Giveaway Events! New this year, we will be capping our events at only 10 participating cohosts, so grab your spot now, because when we reach 10, sign-ups will close! Plus, pay for all 4 events and get a discount and VIP on our hops! 

Hosts: The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island Prize: $100 PayPal Cash. (If participation is low we will lower the prize amount) Giveaways are open WW. Dates: September-December from the 1st through 30th-31st. Gain exposure to your Etsy shop, blog, or book(s) and grow your social media!

Links on the Rafflecopter can be (but are not limited to) – Blog lovin’, Picket Fence Votes, YouTube, LinkedIn, Daily Comments on your Blog, Facebook Visits, Like a post on Facebook, Twitter, Retweet Pinterest, Instagram, Like Instagram picture, Newsletter/Email Sign Up, Word of the Day, Add Book to Goodreads, Follow Author on Amazon, Follow on Etsy, Heart on Etsy, enter this Giveaway…etc. etc. No TikTok. See this post for reference: So you never miss an event join our Facebook group! We can easily tag and get a hold of you. BLOGGER TALK FACEBOOK GROUP Place on Rafflecopter will be in the order of sign-ups after the hosts. The sooner you sign up and pay the higher you are on the RC.

(This is the only option this year, capped at 10 Cohosts per event) Cohosts - $15 for up to 10 links - Pay for all 4 events by July 1st, 2024, and pay only $50 plus get VIP on all 4 hops! LET'S GO! 

Giveaway Hop VIP includes spots on the linky right after hosts, your prize listed after your blog name on the linky, a retweet and a Twitter follow on RC. *We reserve the right to lower the cash value or cancel the event if participation is low. The money will be refunded if the event is canceled* *PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM WHEN YOU SEND PAYMENT! We CAN NOT add you to the RC if we do not have your links.
To streamline again this year you can join all the events with just one form, however, we do need you to enter your links for each month that you're joining.

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