Wash, Dry, Repeat. ~good cleaning fun.

I love talking about ways to save my family money, and these days that's an important task. Yesterday, we met up with some friends for some fabulous fun in the water. We are lucky that where we live our city has a free splash park for youngsters to go get their splash on during the hot Summer days like today. The Booper along with his friends had a great time splashing and playing in all the different water features. He didn't really want to leave, but he got a snack, so that helped the transition.

Water must have been the theme for the day, because later at home he was playing with one of his new Dinosaurs we received from Schylling, and he asked if the baby could wash his hands. His play set came with 2 dinosaurs one large and one small, obviously this was a mom and baby, right? That is how the Booper sees it, large is the mom or dad, small is the baby. Baby was dirty so he needed to wash his hands, so I held up the Booper to our sink so he could wash his Dino Baby. He took off to go play, and within minutes he was back needing to wash his Baby Dino again. I had a thought, why not give him some water to wash his Baby in? I filled a bowl with water and laid out some towels, and told the Booper his Dino was really dirty and needed a bath. He had a blast washing Baby, and Drying him, then doing it again. This led to about 20 minutes of play time, and for a 2 year old...that's a lot!
Looking for a way to keep your toddler busy without destroying your house?
Try some good cleaning fun.~Beck


  1. Water is the theme of the day with all this hot dry weather!

  2. LOL, love this, I so agree that water is the theme of the day. Priceless play time :0)


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