Balloon Power! ~My Schylling Toy Review

My son has had the best time helping me review the toys for Schylling. We received 3 toys for review, and this Balloon Powered Boat was one of them. At first I thought my son would automatically have the most fun with the largest toy, and he does love the Scuttle Bug, but this simple little boat brought some amazing laughs and giggles. My son has a little water table that we play with outside on our porch, he had some little boats that came with it, but they fell apart super fast. When I told him he had a new boat to play with, he was excited by me just taking it out of the box. Then the fun began, I wish I could have videoed, and blew up the balloon at the same time, but I'm not that talented! He was practically jumping up and down, and he didn't even know what was coming. I love watching him experience a new toy for the first time. He makes me feel young again, because I know I would have loved this toy back then too. I have to admit, I really got into playing with this boat. Watching the Booper get so excited each time I blew up the balloon, kept me huffing and puffing for quite a while!
The top picture is the Booper taking a crack at blowing up the balloon for himself, since I was catching my breath. Just take a look at the bottom picture on the left. Doesn't that face tell it all? Pure Joy!
This simple toy features:
  • Wooden Boat~ The base, stem for flag, tube for balloon, and the smaller tube for air power!
  • Balloon Power~ there were some extra balloons included.
  • Small Red Flag
 ~This toy is not recommended for children under 3 years old due to small parts.~ I feel that if your child is playing with water you should always be supervising no matter what their age.

Here is a very short video of the Booper and I playing with the Balloon Boat. He couldn't keep his hands off, so you don't really get to see it move on it's own. I was slightly nervous having my camera right by the water with the Booper around you never know what will happen.

My son was amazed by the bubbles coming from the air, he loves bubbles, water, and boats!
Thank you for reading my review of the Balloon Powered Boat from Schylling. ~Beck

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  1. I love it! A toy that doesn't honk, beep, sing, talk, or make any noise other than the noise of the bubbles! This is cute!

  2. Wow a balloon power boat is awesome!

  3. Thats so freaking cute! I cant wait till my daughter is old enough to play with stuff like this! Awesome review!


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