Yes, I agree... Food Should Taste Good!

I had the fun of reviewing some scrumptious products from Food Should Taste Good. I loved their name, because it made me smile. Who can disagree with a brand titled Food Should Taste Good. We all want to eat good tasting food, and I was ready to find out if they lived up to their name. We received 5 of our choice flavors to test, and I chose two flavors made with sweet potato, since as you know we love them!

  • Barbeque Sweet Potato was the first bag we tore into. I somehow knew this was going to be a winner in our house, and sure enough it was our favorite. The natural sweet flavor of the sweet potato was a compliment to the tangy kick of the tomato,molasses, garlic and onion in the barbeque. These crunchy snacks were something our family couldn't get enough of. Even the Booper kept grabbing handfuls of these chips which surprised me since barbeque isn't normally his favorite. (These didn't last long in our house!)
  • Toasted Sesame I chose this flavor just for me since I love the flavor of sesame. These tortilla chips can also double as a cracker, and I think they would be great with a variety of dips. Perfect for football parties or just having a few friends over, these chips had a nice warm taste of sesame. I took this bag on a picnic where the Booper and I shared with all our friends. The general evaluation from the group was these would be good with dip, and those who don't normally like sesame didn't like these. Some thought they tasted like a corn chip while others didn't like the sesame aftertaste. I personally liked them plain, but I can see they would go great with a salsa, hummus or any other dip.
  •  Jalapeno had a real kick. No surprise there. This one I can't say much about, since I only ate one. It just wasn't a flavor I care for. My husband finished these off by himself which was fine with me. I'm not a big jalapeno fan, so I wasn't expecting this flavor to be my favorite. He made fun of me for not being able to handle them, he thought the flavor was mild. I guess it all depends on your taste buds. If you don't normally go for a jalapeno kick then I would take that into consideration with your chip choice.
  • The Works is a tortilla chip made with Poppy and Caraway Seeds, Minced Garlic and Onion. I can only think to describe this as tasting like a ranch flavored corn chip. These are very thick like the Toasted Sesame they can double as a cracker too. I think The Works would be delicious with a mild dip like sour cream or spread with cream cheese. This hearty chip is very filling and has a great taste our whole family enjoyed.
  • Salt and Vinegar is the flavor choice I picked just for me. I love the taste of salt and vinegar chips, but I had never had them on a sweet potato. Very happy with this choice. I loved the flavor combination. My taste buds were experiencing a lovely contradiction of sour vinegar, sweet potato goodness, and salt. Yum. If your taste buds are in need of a good workout this flavor will do the trick.
All five flavors were certified Gluten Free and Kosher. With lots of delicious options for gluten free and kosher families Food Should Taste Good is one company I'm happy to recommend.
Thanks for reading my review!~Becky
The month of October being breast cancer awareness month. I thought it would be great to mention as part of their Food Should Do Good efforts, FSTG is teaming up with Ellen for the Cure to provide support in the fight against breast cancer.
Visit their site to see the full variety of their snack line or follow on facebook.

Though I was given these chips free for review, all views and opinions are my own, and I was not compensated monetarily for this post. See Disclosure.


  1. Oh I love those chips. My favorite is The Works... Actually they all are great.. Great Review!

  2. Looks yummy! -- My favorite is the Multi-Grain. :)

  3. Awesome review..I want some of The Works!!!

  4. I love those chips too!! I can't wait until they are in the stores near me.

  5. MMMM BBQ Sweet Potato....*DROOL*


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