Rest for Overworked Feet

Reading my blog you might not know that I worked in a factory for almost 5 years. Working 3 of those years mostly standing on my feet on concrete factory floors. Needless to say I had tired aching feet every day when I came home from work. I was constantly on the search for comfortable shoes for standing all day. Now that I stay home with the Booper I miss not seeing my co-workers and friends every day, but I will never miss standing on those hard floors and the foot pain I had from it. There is so much to be said for having shoes that keep your feet comfortable after a full day of standing. I've found if my feet are sore and aching my whole body is tired and aching.

A great pair of shoes should have the perfect fit for you. Some shoe stores are all about the sale while foot comfort and foot health are not the priority. With that isn't the case, they want to make sure you get the perfect fit with a large range of sizes and widths for any activity. Schuler Shoes local stores have a Pedorthist on hand weekly to offer free foot screenings. At Schuler Shoes they make it their job to keep your feet comfortable when you're on the job or at play!

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