Mario Brother's- Luigi Wins Again!

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I know I'm his mom, so I'm supposed to think my son is the cutest and smartest boy ever, and he really is you know. I love the Booper because he is always surprising me. I had to laugh when I asked Mr. Boop what he wanted to be for Halloween he didn't even hesitate to say he wanted to be Luigi. We like to play video games and he loves the games with Mario. He's fascinated lately about being a super hero and saving people so I figured he would want to be super man or spider man, or I even thought he might want to have a cat costume since he loves kitty cats. But no, he had to be Luigi from the Mario Brothers. My hunt for a Luigi Halloween costume lead me to Halloween where I found just what I was looking for.

Looking at his new Luigi costume. Pay no attention to our ugly chair! 

I looked all around the Halloween Adventure site and they had an awesome selection of costumes for children and adults along with some spooky Halloween decor. We did a search for Luigi and found this Super Mario Luigi costume for children. I chose this costume in a size Small which is marked for children ages 4-6 years old. The Booper will be turning four at the beginning of next year and is tall for his age so I figured the size small would fit him. I was right. When the package arrived with his costume (I was thankful since he kept asking me about it every day until then) he was thrilled. He tried it on with pants and now shirt underneath and it fit really well, I was happy I chose this size. The hat was also a good fit with plenty of room for a child with a larger head. With an opening in the back he simply stepped into his Luigi costume and then there were two Velcro closures. As you can see in the picture below on the back side the top did gape open when he was running, but standing still the back was smooth. When we took the Booper trick or treating for our city event he wore jeans and a long sleeved shirt underneath but the costume looked great and he stayed warm on a rainy day. The mustache was a bit large for his face but could be trimmed down to fit if your child will actually wear one. The Booper wasn't so sure about having that fuzzy thing under his nose. 

I wish I had a picture of his face as the other children would see him and shout, "Look, it's Luigi!" he was so proud. He strutted around with his chest puffed out and then it happened...the cutest thing ever. He noticed a little boy dressed like Mario. We didn't know the little boy, but the Booper had to go say Hi, I mean they are Super Mario Brothers, right? It was adorable and the other boy was just as excited to say Hi to our little Luigi. He didn't get much candy (which was fine with me) but he had an amazing time walking around being recognized as a hero Luigi.

This Halloween Adventure Children's Luigi Costume Includes:

  • Jumpsuit With Attached Green Shirt.
  • Hat
  • Mustache (Large but can be trimmed down to fit your child) 
 This costume retails for $19.97 at Halloween and is available in the following children's sizes: Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), Large (12-14)

With a huge selection of costumes and props for Halloween or any costume party Halloween Adventure is the place to shop for anyone looking to dress up for adventure. I'm very happy with the Luigi costume as it seemed to be a complete look and the Booper has been taking it off and putting it on for several days and the costume has held up really well. Plus he's wore the hat around many times without the costume while playing so it's been fun for him at imagination play time. Halloween or not this costume has given the Booper plenty of smiles.

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  1. This costume is adorable!!!! I love your little Luigi, he looks so cute! Happy Halloween! =)

  2. Very cute! Kids often surprise us. It's funny what we think they are going to choose and what they go for. My granddaughter has been non-stop talk about the TMNT so we were sure. Asked her and she wants to be Elsa from Frozen again.

  3. He looks great and ready to go...trick or treating or to be a plumber. My grandson picked Luigi, too. Interesting. Today is Mario Day so maybe pull out the video game or the costume and have fun.


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