RE*BODY Review ~ Day 4

My mouth has been killing me since my wisdom teeth have came in. Eating hasn't been at the top of my list, so my snacking has not been a problem.
  • Breakfast was a protein shake.
  • Next I ate my Hunger Chew, and didn't eat anything else until lunch
  • Lunch we were eating out, and I had a chicken sandwich and a baked potato with a diet soda. 
  • Supper was another protein shake since my mouth was killing me. 
  • I was going out with my mom to go see cirque du soleil (it was awesome by the way). I ate a RE*BODY Hunger chew before leaving, so I wouldn't be tempted to snack.
Holding strong, and not feeling like it's work. Keeping my cravings at bay has been easy with the Hunger Chews, I have some exciting news to post tomorrow! ~Thanks for following, Beck

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   So far I feel the RE*BODY Hunger Chews are helping me keep my cravings at bay. I think I've noticed that if I eat the Chew awhile before I'm actually wanting to eat, it helps me feel satisfied.That way I don't keep thinking about food. If you are interested in learning more about RE*BODY Hunger Chews or would like to purchase them visit here.
To learn more about the whole RE*BODY product line visit

(To do this review I was given (1) 30 count package of RE*BODY Hunger Chews) While the product was free to me, I have not been compensated in any form for any statements made above or in the past or future. 
All views and opinions are my own.

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