What I bring to the table.

I'm a new blogger. This whole blogging business just started for me in February of 2012. I found out, there are so many things I don't know about computers, html, or blogging in general.
 I love to write, express myself, share my thoughts ,on life, finding a good deal, products I love, scrapbooking,
and to tell funny stories about my little guy, "The Booper".

What I never knew when deciding to start my blog, was how much I would be thinking about statistics. Honestly, in school I hated math. I just squeaked by a passing grade in my algebra, and you know what? I didn't really care. Numbers have never meant much to me. I like having a positive number in my bank account, but when it comes to obsessing over numbers, I've just never done it, until now. I don't like the way it makes me feel, when I log on, and I see a page rank of zero. Who wants to feel like a zero, let alone have it stamped right there on your home page for everyone to see? Not me. Then, you have to worry about fan numbers, who likes you, who unlikes you. Fans might not take it seriously when unliking your page, but behind that page is a real person who (despite what you might think)..cares.  Don't even get me started on my scores, they fluctuate so much, and I don't even really know what they mean. Some of the numbers you want to go up, and some you want to go down. Most of them, I just want to go away.

There is a sense of competition with other blogs, and always a reason to feel not good enough. I've felt myself go from complete jubilation, to being totally depressed, just because of a silly stat on my sidebar!
It's been a topic in many different blogging circles, numbers get you noticed by certain companies. When you are trying to make your blog profitable, you want to be noticed. Of course, I'm like anyone else, I want to get noticed. I just can't keep typing my posts when my eyes are fixed on my ever changing statistics on my sidebar.

I want to shout this out to the cyber world, " I am more than just a number, a statistic, rank or score!"
 What I bring to the table isn't just a platter of nicely posted numbers.
 I bring me, a stay at home Mommy to one of the cutest little Boopers you would ever meet.
 I laugh, I cry, I sneeze a lot (just ask my friends), my life is an open book, shared here for all to read.
If you are looking for a blogger with the best stats, and numbers,(for now) keep looking. If you are looking for a blogger with a big heart, who is blogging to fulfill a dream, I'm your more than just a number, blogger.
"Nice to meet you", "my name is Becky, but you can call me Beck."


  1. I am with you 100% on this! It drives me mad thinking about it all. And I really hate when a company says "sorry, we are looking for a bigger blogger" I have seen many bloggers that have horrible grammar, horrible spelling, and their blogs do not look professional at all, but they are a big blogger just because they enter a million free giveaways to get their ranks higher and are offered more products. I just wish companies would actually read our content and appreciate our honesty and writing style instead of numbers. Many low number bloggers have higher standards that they stick to and therefore more TRUE followers than the person who is only offering a million people a chance at free product to click a like button. Their fans probably never really come back unless they happen to spot a free chance to win something. OK I will get off my soap box now, just know you are definitely not alone!

    1. Thanks Amber,
      It helps to know I'm not alone on so many levels! Sometimes, it's good to just walk away from my computer, and realize my life outside cyber-space is what makes my blog relevant. I also wish companies focused on quality not the stats. ~Beck

  2. Love your post!! When I first started, I obsessed over those numbers like crazy. And when I lost a Facebook fan, I took it personally...why don't they like me??!! It's a crazy animal that we have chosen to "play" with...this blogosphere. ;) I did eventually get over it and stop obsessing so "much" but it never truly goes away I guess. Just keep doing what you're doing and the rest can sit on the back burner. :)

    1. Dawn,
      Thanks for the encouragement, there is a lot that is getting moved to that back burner!

  3. First, I am surprised you have only been blogging since February! Your blog appears to be very well established.

    I totally agree that stats can bring a whole range of emotions. I pay attention to them quite a bit, especially when I am trying something new. However, there are times that stats don't paint the whole picture. There are so many ways now to be heard and many won't show up on Google Analytics or Facebook Insights!

    My first blog, Happy Birthday Author, is well over 2 years old and I write it because it makes me a better Dad. Therefore, I am totally with you on your "I am a stay at home mommy and not a statistic" philosophy. I think if you continue that you will be successful!

  4. Love love love love love this! I never thought I'd be "that" blogger ... I just wanted to write and share and connect with other bloggers. However, when you share so much of yourself and it seems to go unnoticed, it's hard to not take it personally. I love my true fans and followers - who read all the posts - not just the giveaways. Who connect with me, celebrate with me and console me when needed. I so wish the companies that did the sponsored posts would take all that into consideration. Do you want a blogger who has thousands of thousands of fans who are there just for the giveaway or a blogger who may not have that many fans but connects with them on a more personal level and they're more likely to trust more.

  5. I agree with you a thousand percent. I've been blogging since Sept 2011 and only have a PR1, which I got right after I started doing giveaways. And when I saw that the giveaway people only stopped by to put in an entry, it bothered me at first. I kinda felt like a one night stand. But look at it this way. You have loyal followers, and those followers love you and you love them, the way it should be. The people that come for the giveaways are using you to get something. You're using them to make your numbers bigger. And a few giveaway people might stick around, like what they see, and become new followers. Most won't. And that's their loss, not yours. So keep doing what you're doing, and realize that your blog is great. So use the giveaways to boost your numbers to get paid, and write the content for those who love you for you!

  6. hahaha I know how you feel I went form careless to obsessed what if someone un-liked me did I get more views than yesterday, my alexa rank should be lower, is kinda killing all my fun =[

  7. WOW, WOW this is an Awesome Post Becky! You hit on points we all have dealt with, I say keep your head up and your heart open and stand your ground. You are a MAGNIFICENT Blogger.


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