Making Soda~ My Sodastream review.

When I was accepted for this review, I think I literally gave out a "Woo woo!" 
I had seen the Sodastream, and read other reviews, but I couldn't wait to get my hands on one and use it myself!
When the UPS guy dropped off the box holding my Fountain-Jet-Seltzer-Starter-Kit, I was like a kid on Christmas. I pulled it out right away, I couldn't  wait to make my own soda. I'll admit that I was slightly nervous about using a CO2 cylinder, but I read all the directions carefully and then I was ready to go. I easily removed the back of the unit, and attached the CO2 Cylinder. Washed up the 1 liter bottle with lukewarm water, filled it up to the fill line with water, and placed it in the fridge to get cold. Then when the water was cold...or as in the case of my first use slightly cold. Then you twist the bottle onto the machine and compress the button until you hear a sort of a loud buzzing sound, doing that 3 times your water is now carbonated, and you are ready to add the flavor syrup. (never add the syrup before carbonating) Pour the syrup in VERY slowly, I learned my lesson the first couple of times. Go too fast and it will bubble over. After adding the syrup wash the cap, and store your syrup bottles in a cool dry place.

  • The first flavor we tried was the RootBeer, since that's my husband's favorite soda. He liked it, but seemed a bit cautious since I had made it! The Booper on the other hand couldn't get enough. He's not used to be allowed to have soda, so this was a special treat, and he took advantage. His toddler words were, "Mmmm, that good." 
  • Trying out the Lemon-Lime, I was confident in using the unit, and I gave it an extra compression to add more carbonation. The result? It was even better!  We all loved this flavor.
  • The Orange flavor was a huge hit at our family get together, with the kids and adults we drank a liter in less than 2 minutes! 

  • The moment I was waiting for, tasting the Cola flavor. This time I gave it 5 compressions. My Mom, Sister, and I , all thought the same thing. Yum. 
  • Orange-Pineapple was the biggest surprise for me, I really liked it. I'm not much of a Pineapple person, but in this case I really liked it. 
  • One I wasn't surprised I didn't care for, Cranberry-Raspberry. That has never been a flavor I would go for. This is one I won't drink again, though the Booper smacked his lips and asked for " Mowwa" which is "More" in his toddler speak. 
There are so many flavors. I'm not going to list them all, but whatever your tastebuds crave, I'm sure you will find a new favorite! I'm anxious to try the Dr. Pete(I'm planning to order it soon). After receiving my unit, I knew right away I would want an extra liter bottle to use. The unit comes with one bottle, but with our family we all like different flavors, so we needed another bottle. I was so happy to see our Walmart had started carrying the Sodastream line of products. I picked up a 2 pack of the 1 liter bottles, and a new flavor to try, now we are set! I looked online and seen where several locations near where I live will be offering a cylinder exchange soon as well.
 We have never been a family that buys canned soda all the time, though we have it on occasion, but we do buy a lot of bottled flavored water. No Lugging speaks to me, since our kitchen is in the upstairs of our house, we used to have to lug huge heavy flats of flavored water up the stairs. Not any more. The Sodastream cuts back on waste, and saves storage space. The really cool thing that I've told all my friends, the unit doesn't need a power source or batteries. Not only are you saving power, and money by not needing a power source, that also means you can use your unit anywhere! No plug-in required. 

I thought the idea of the Sodastream was awesome. 
Now that I own one, I can say the Sodastream IS AWESOME!
 If you are thinking of purchasing a Sodastream, I would say go for it! 
 ~ Happy Soda Time!~ Beck

 Though I was given this Sodastream unit for free, to review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% true and my own, written by me. I was not given monetary compensation for this review. Additional products pictured were purchased by me, since I love this unit.


  1. Looks like your son got his own personal flavor! LOL Great Review. :)

  2. Can't wait to try mine, once it comes. lol. Great review!

  3. I too have a soda stream and we love ours! great review

  4. I absolutely love my soda stream? Do you like sparkling water? I make some absolutely awesome sparkling water with my soda stream!

  5. I love love love my SodaStream!!!

  6. Oh now I'm craving a root beer float! Great review!

  7. What a great review. I thought it was funny when you said your hubby was cautious b/c you made it. lol. We love our soda stream and because you make the soda yourself with all the lower calories I don't mind letting my children have it.


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