~Summer Blog Challenge~ Day 13

June 13-- How do you see yourself by the end of the year?

Hmm. This one really made me think, though a lot of what I thought about is hard to put into words. Here is what I feel safe to say:  I see myself blogging successfully(hopefully earning an income), and I see myself about 30 lbs lighter! It's hard to even post about losing weight, since I struggle so much, but just typing it helps give me some confidence. I will succeed. At Blogging, losing weight, managing my life, having a great marriage, raising the Booper. Life. It felt good to get that all out there!  If you have the vision, you can achieve it!
Thanks for reading~Beck

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  1. You can achieve it! It's International Achiever's Day which is about celebrating every day achievers. Moms are definitely achievers. Great saying you end with.


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