Moments with the Booper {butterflies and cars}

Sometimes, I have days where I really want to pull my hair out. My little guy can get into everything in two seconds flat! Yesterday, in the middle of a chaotic day where I had to clean up a kitchen covered in butter, and several other huge messes (thanks to his very sneaky efforts), we had a sweet moment.
I have to share our conversation.

The Scene.
I was in our bedroom and I was folding the laundry piled on our bed, when the Booper walked in.

Boop: Hi Mom.
Me: Hi Baby.
Boop: You fold clothes? 
Me: Yes, I'm folding our clothes.
Boop: Look Mom, a butterfly! (we have a picture on our wall with a butterfly on it)
Me: Yes, I see that butterfly.
Boop: You see it?
Me: Yes, I did. I love butterflies they are beautiful.
Boop: I love butterflies too, Mommy....butterflies....................and Cars!

I couldn't help but laugh quietly. I gave him a big hug. I needed that small moment with my little guy. I love when I get a glimpse into what he is thinking about. 
What 2 year old boy wouldn't love both butterflies and cars?


  1. Lol Cute! Sometimes we just need those sweet moments to remind us that not all is bad in the world :)

  2. Yep that sounds about right.... butterflies and cars.... Butter all over the kitchen sounds like a huge mess! LOL

  3. The mind of a child and the important things...butterflies and cars. :) I hope you find smiles with your children today. It's a Moment of Laughter Day, and this moment was great.


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