Easy White Christmas with Martha {a Review}

Sometimes decorating for the holidays can become a real challenge. I get tired just thinking about pulling everything out only to have to put it all away in one month. Still, I wouldn't miss this season for anything! This year I had help to give the Booper and I a hand. My niece and nephew came over to help us decorate our tree, and the house. Having three excited kids here made pulling everything out exciting for me too. Once the tree was leaning against the weight of all the ornaments, we sent the boys off to play, and my niece and I gave the house some finishing touches.

 When I pulled out the Martha Stewart Crafts Glittered Snowflake mirror and window clings my niece starts chanting, "ooh ooh ooh..me me me!" We cleared away the everyday decor from the mantle and she carefully placed the beautiful sparkling snowflakes on the old mirror above our fireplace. Once she had them each right where she wanted them we placed the nativity in it's rightful place. I loved how she placed one snowflake above Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus to represent the star.

 The picture above really doesn't do the snowflakes justice, they sparkle and range in size and design. This package of 12 snowflakes makes decorating your home for Winter so easy even a child can do it! My niece would tell you it's a lot of fun too. After decorating the mirror above our fireplace she still had snowflakes to use, so she decorated the glass on our front door as well. Snowflakes are the perfect decoration for this season because even when Christmas has passed they are still beautiful to leave up all Winter.

If you're dreaming of a white Christmas make sure to buy some of these Glittered Snowflake mirror and window clings from Martha Stewart Crafts. Be sure to follow them on facebook for lots of great decorating and crafting ideas! ~Becky

The above mentioned product was given to me for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own honest evaluations. See Disclosure.

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  1. We are having Christmas with my husband's side of the family at our home this year. Been looking for something to just decorate a little bit extra. These snowflakes clings are perfect!!! Thanks for sharing them... going to go out a grab some tonight. =)


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