Popcorn..get your Popcorn!

Popcorn is a classic snack. We've all went to the movies and bought the overpriced, over buttered, make your fingers greasy, delicious snack! My family loves popcorn in fact the Booper used to call it, "Poppy", but now he can say Popcorn and he asks for it all the time. I'm happy to let him have popcorn at home it's a healthier snack the way we make it. I don't really go for all the gooey butter like I did when I was younger. Kettle corn is my favorite flavor.

Popping corn  is a delicious snack, and makes a great gift too! With so many different flavors and varieties Popcornpopper.com has the perfect gift to finish off your shopping list! If you're looking for a gift set for someone new to stove top popping they have great sets starting at less than $40!
Popcornpopper.com has gift sets just for fun or for the popcorn enthusiast in your life. Maybe you're looking to start a family movie night, and need some help creating the movie theater atmosphere in your home, check out their fun authentic movie popcorn tubs, and colorful popcorn bowl designs. Top it all off with a sweet candy coating or sprinkle on the seasonings however you take your popcorn..keep it poppin' ~Becky

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