Friday, December 21, 2012

Stamp Around Fun {Inkadinkado Review}

I was introduced to stamping back when I was young, but a few years ago it became my passion. There is just something so relaxing and peaceful about sitting down to a paper crafting project and creating something beautiful and unique. The great thing about stamping is no two projects are exactly the same the "flaws" give character, and that makes each note, card, or page special. I used to do stamping events working with others and have projects for everyone to do. We would all have the exact same materials, tools and directions to work with but it was always amazing to see each one's personality come out through their project! Reviewing Inkadinkado stamping gear was so much fun! Igniting that creative spark that makes me want to let the ink, paper, and stamping madness go all night!

This stamping gear set from Inkadinkado comes with a wheel, clear paddle and 4 simple pattern stamps. I also received the Branches add-on set which includes 5 branch stamps. Using the wheel and paddle you can add any combination of stamps to create seemingly endless amounts of designs. I had fun creating a large flower looking pattern, and then using the add-on set I made a pine wreath.
 My absolute favorite comes with the Branches add-on the berry branch (pictured above) has classic charm that also lends itself to modern designs.

 I used this stamp with the wheel in a semi-circle pattern to create the appearance of the top of a tree. To give the tree a fuller look, I simply moved the wheel off the page and stamped again. You can create some depth to your project by inking your stamp more to give dimension. With a cog on each side of the clear paddle you can turn the same stamp around and create a whole new pattern instantly. I've created several beautiful and fun projects with Inkadinkado's stamping gear, and I've only just begun!

For those just beginning to stamp or the more experienced these Stamping Gear sets from Inkadinkado
 will have you stamping around the clock! Follow Inkadinkado and all the other great EK Success Brands on Facebook to keep up with the latest crafting news!

I received the above mentioned stamping gear free for the purpose of review. All views are my own honest evaluations.   See Disclosure.


  1. Oh wow, very fun!!! A good stamping set is invaluable! My fiancee does a lot of cool crafting stuff, and I'm always amazed at just what can be done with good stamps!

  2. i haven't used stamps like that in the designs you did :)

  3. That is so neat! What a fun way to make creative designs!

  4. I LOVE stamping yet have been too busy to do any lately. This holiday vacation I may pull out some stuff and do a few things. Would love to try this product!

  5. Lovely as always! Really enjoy all of you crafting and scrapbooking post. =)

  6. I don't think I have used stamps since I was in high school, which is like 20 something years ago ;) lol but your making me want to get back into it ;) thanks for share and great pictures

  7. How beautiful! Definitely a stamp set that really looks professional while still sounding easy. A great design and setup.

  8. This looks like a great product! Thanks for sharing.


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