VACCeptable Injuries? {Book Review}

There are times in my life when things just fall into place and I sit back and wonder if it's coincidence or something more. Discovering this book gave me one of those strange coincidence moments.
My husband and I had been discussing the Booper's health in general and more pointedly his upcoming vaccinations. In our circle of friends and acquaintances we know a family who believe their son to have suffered from a vaccine related injury. This was the subject my husband and I were discussing and we both agreed we just didn't have enough information to make such an important parental decision for the Booper. A few days later while browsing through my social media accounts I noticed a message from Markus Heinze promoting his book "VACCeptable Injuries?". I began to read the blurb about his book, and the coincidence of that moment seemed something more to me. This was exactly what my husband and I had been talking about just a few days before. I had to read this book. I had to learn more about vaccines.
I contacted Markus Heinze and offered to do this review.

About the Author

Originally from Germany, he came to America as a twenty-three year-old volunteer in Harlan County, KY. He taught at a small Catholic private school, and during the summers he repaired houses. He attended school in Germany and the United States receiving a MA in Secondary Education from Union College and a BA in Psychology from Northern Kentucky University. He holds teaching certificates in Kentucky and Ohio. He has taught German and French at Holy Trinity School in Harlan, KY; German at Bayer Corporation in Cincinnati, OH; Lakota Local Schools in West Chester, OH; Madison Local Schools in Middletown, OH; Oak Hills Local Schools in Cincinnati, OH; and is currently employed by Cincinnati Public Schools in Cincinnati, OH. Teaching has been his passion for 15 years. Most importantly to Markus, he is a husband to his lovely wife (an elementary teacher), and a father to his two beautiful and intelligent children. 
VACCeptable Injuries? 
 Book Description

 Using a highly personal approach, VACCeptable Injuries: Increasing Childhood Diseases & Developmental Disorders educates parents about the documented risks involved in vaccination. Markus Heinze speaks from traumatic personal experience, as the father of a vaccine-injured child. His daughter developed type 1 diabetes at the age of three-and-a-half-years old. After much research in scientific journals and federal databases, he has concluded that a Hepatitis B vaccine, administered shortly after her birth, is to blame.

My Thoughts 

I've shared that my reason for wanting to read this book was to find answers. Now that I've read the book I can tell you the author's writing style is easy to read and I could follow the reports and make sense of the charts and graphs included. What I didn't find easy to read was the stories of those injured by vaccinations that should have helped them stay healthy. I found it disturbing to learn that our government has a system for reporting vaccine related injuries. Really? I asked myself...there are that many injuries from vaccines they have a  reporting program for it? Scary to me. I looked it up, and sure enough there it was. (VAERS) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. The author shares important information on how the clinical trials of vaccines are carried out, and how that impacts their findings. The details about the clinical trials resonate with me, since I never knew you could call something safe when deaths happen during the testing process. That just doesn't sound like what I would call safe. I enjoyed reading about vaccines from another parent's perspective. Markus Heinze brings his passion of being a protective father in all aspects of his research and writing, and as a parent I can relate. 

 Until recently I had no idea there was even a risk involved with getting a vaccine. Naive, maybe?  I realize now how little I had actually studied vaccines and how very little our doctor had talked with us before giving the Booper his shots. Honestly I don't remember our doctor telling us anything about the vaccines other than it was time for them, and the nurse came in, gave the shots, then handed me a paper saying to watch for a fever or rash. As a parent I feel like I'm always on a learning curve trying to figure things out as I go, or every once in a while I can be a step ahead. Reading VACCeptable Injuries didn't make the decision about the Booper's vaccination schedule for me, but it helps me to be an informed parent. Now I feel that whatever my husband and I decide we aren't just doing what we're told, but what we see as the best thing for our son. 

The author has this disclaimer at the front of the book stating: 
"I am not a doctor, and I have never been a health-care professional of any kind. I am a concerned father of two beautiful children. I am not providing medical advice, nor am I telling parents not to vaccinate their children. I am simply sharing my discoveries with you. The decision on whether to vaccinate your children is entirely left up to you. I hope the information this book provides will help you to make an informed decision."
The information I gained from reading VACCeptable Injuries hasn't closed my thoughts on vaccinations, but has just started the wheels turning in my mind. I will continue to seek information, and learn as much as possible on this subject. The Booper's health is worth my time and effort to learn as much as I can.

Are you wanting to learn more? 
 Visit the VACCeptable Injuries? blog 
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I received the above mentioned book free for the purpose of review, all views and opinions are my own honest evaluations. This post is in no way to be viewed as medical advice, but simply as a personal opinion that may differ from your own. The Mommy Island is not responsible for prize fulfillment. See Disclosure.


  1. This is really interesting... have heard a few things before, and have always wondered about it. Thinking I need to read this book.

  2. I delayed vaxing for my daughter after learning of the reports. My son has add but my other son seems fine after being vaxed. I got grief from a nurse at my dr's office for delaying. If I had it to do over again I'd delay with each andevery one!

  3. Great review! There's such a strong debate on both sides of this topic! Always say you just have to do what is best for your children. God gave them to you to raise, no one else. :)

  4. Really interesting and informative, I need to get this book and learn.

    Dee from MadameDeals

  5. This is a great review! I've read information on both sides, but agree with Dawn that you have to follow your gut and do what you feel is best for your children. Thanks for taking the time to share this review.

  6. I have been wondering the same things about vaccines. It seems like we feel our kids up with all kinds of things these days and they wonder why kids grow up having some type of issue. I think it has something to do with all these vaccines and drugs. I'm trying of making my son get a bunch of shots just so he can attend school. I used to make him get a flu shot but have decided I'm just not going to do it anymore. I don't get one so why should he...

  7. This is super interesting. Thanks for the review and it's great that you met up with the author. Sometimes I think things like this are way more than a coincidence. God orders our steps so to speak. I delayed my sons vaccines because he had development issues anyway and I just didn't want to risk it.

  8. The Vacceptable website has been taken over by a phone blog! Either hacked or the original owner booted off and replaced! Either way, I smell a rat!! I took screenshots but can't display them here. Click on the link above.


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