Are You Funny Enough? Hasbro Game {Review and Giveaway}

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With a name like 'Funny or Die' you might get the impression this adult game is serious business, but I assure you it's all fun and laughs. On Christmas as our tradition goes we love playing games together as a family and this year we had a new one from Hasbro. When I told my family I had a new game to try out they were excited when I mentioned the name of the game they seemed to be a bit nervous to play. Once I explained the rules everyone got their game faces on and it was time to get funny or die..mostly we just died laughing.
Game Set Up
My mom, my niece, my sister and I all sat down to play leaving my nephew and the Booper playing downstairs or so we thought. Game set up took a while just because we couldn't all seem to stay sitting at the table. Once everyone sat back down at the table the game started without a hitch. The only set up is opening the packages of cards and popping out the circle funny and die game chips. My niece is almost eleven and she caught on to the rules of the game immediately. I do suggest if you're playing with younger players that you screen the captions and photos first since there are a few pictures I wouldn't consider G rated. (The thirteen and up is more for the pictures than actually being able to understand how to play.)
Game Play
To get started the dealer gives each player ten-one thousand play dollar bills, five double-sided playing cards and two playing chips. Each player gets a funny and die playing chip this is what you use to vote on captions and pictures to see who is the funniest player. Dealer rolls the dice to decide if it's caption or picture that will be going out on the table. Everyone must choose two cards to match with the cards on the table. Sometimes the match ups are ridiculous and you might choose something that really doesn't go because that might make it funny. Players can not vote on their own card, so strategy might come into play when you see another player is getting a good reaction you might vote die to cancel out a funny vote. All chips are place down at first so you don't know how votes are going until everyone has placed their votes. This makes for a fun time as you try to plead your case on why your caption or picture is the funniest. Or in the case of my almost eleven year old niece you might get sympathy votes at times. Yes there is play money involved and the winner takes the pot but we kept the play going even when a player ran out just because it was more about bragging rights! A fun adult game with lots of laughs and lots of cards so you could play for a long while before turning up the same picture or caption. 

Funny or Die Details:
  • 12 Funny or Die Game Chips
  • Play Money
  • Picture/Caption Cards
  • Game Dice
  • Made For Ages 13 and up
  • 3-6 Players
  • Lots of Laughs

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  1. I would play this with my hilarious son.

  2. I would play this game with my daughter. I don't know how funny I am but I'd try.

  3. I don't know if I'd be funny enough to win but I'd play with a good friend

  4. we would play as a family we love to get together and play games I think I am funny

  5. Will play this with my family - I'm pretty funny so yeah I think I'll win

  6. I would play with my neighbors.

  7. I would play this with my husband and our neighbors, although, I am not sure if I could win!

  8. I would play with my teen daughter and my husband.

    Samantha (samdaleo)

  9. I would play with my family and my husband would probably win!

  10. I would play this game with my family...

  11. Our family would play this fun game together.

  12. I would play with my best friend and her teenage son!

  13. I would play this with my family when we have get togethers. Heck yeah I'm funny enough to win...........but so are they. GAME ON!

    1. That's the spirit! We have a very competitive family so games are always fun.

  14. I would play with my brother-in-laws and it would be hysterical!!

  15. i want to play with my son and my nephew....i don't know if i am funnier than them.....probably not! thanks :)

  16. I'd play with my daughter and grandkids.


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