October Fun: Decorating With Pumpkins

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Fall is one of my favorite times during the year, I love all the fall colors and decorating during this time is so much fun. The Booper and I have been having a blast decorating together. I call him my Pumpkin head kid. Have you ever called your kids your pumpkins? I used to always call my niece and nephew pumpkin heads as a term of endearment. I just love their round faces so much and there's something about pumpkins that makes me so happy. Around our house we don't necessarily celebrate Halloween in the way some people do. We do dress up, and we do sit on our porch and pass out candy but I don't really buy into all the creepy parts of the celebration. We just decorate for fall so that even after October thirty-first our decor can stay up. How do you decorate for Halloween? Would $3000 help you buy all the supplies you would need? Read more about our craft ideas and find out how you can enter the Coupons.com Halloween Creepstakes!

Some people shy away from using glitter but my philosophy has always been life is too short to not use glitter. Sparkles are pretty and fun-plus glitter is really an inexpensive crafting product! Note: We used the glitter outside.
To decorate our porch we used:

  • Glue sticks
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon
  • Twine
  • Brads
  • Fake Leaves
  • Hole Punch 
  • Scissors
  • Pumpkins, Gourds, Maize
These ideas are so easy you can do them with younger children the Booper is four and he loved this, but he loves crafts and playing outside so we did two of his favorite things at once. Very simply you spread your glue stick over your pumpkin, gourd or maize and sprinkle with glitter, then shake off the excess glitter.  I let the Booper help me cut ribbon and I tied the bows on the stems. You can use the standard brads to polka-dot your pumpkin by just pressing them into your pumpkin in any pattern you desire.

Using a standard hole punch punch a hold near the stem of your fake loose leaf, then string your twine or ribbon through the hole to attach the leaf to the top of your pumpkin. We did all of this with the crafting supplies I had at home, so all we added were the pumpkins, gourds and maize. If you're looking for super easy craft ideas to do with your little pumpkins then try these simple ideas. Fun for Halloween parties or any time during the Fall. Do you like our decorating ideas or would you opt for something more creepy? Find more Halloween ideas on The Good Stuff.
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  1. I love this craft idea, it is so easy, yet so effective, and doesn't cost much to have a great result!


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