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When it comes to the perfect card to send your friends and family during the holidays you can't go wrong if you make it personal! My favorite cards to receive are ones that include pictures or a photo card. This year you might be considering having family photos taken just for your Christmas cards and perhaps you're thinking of doing a theme? I've got some fun holiday card photo ideas to share and I think these will help spark your own creative genius!

The Classic
For families who are a bit nervous to step out the box, this is a simple pose idea where you simple dress in matching outfits and smile politely. Everyone loves to see your faces and you have a great shot to hang on the mantle. No harm in keeping it simple.
New Baby
Your new parents? Well everyone loves you, but your new baby is the shining star this year! Make it a new family shot or simply show off your new bundle of joy. Everyone loves baby photos! Pose your baby in a Santa hat or sporting their new winter gear. Forego a holiday theme altogether and just keep it real like the Silent Night card pictured above. Sleeping or awake your baby will make your holiday cards one of a kind!
Cool Family
This is a spin-off from the classic where your family all dresses alike except with a cool theme such as you all wear Santa hats or even cooler your sun glasses. Just like Hawaiian shirts in December if your family can pull off something fun then you might have the coolest cards around!

A Year In Review
Want to be uber unique? Then perhaps add a photo from your family vacation or a picture of you doing something you've enjoyed this year. A simple way to share what you love with family and friends show them how you've been spending your time.

Super Heroes
Let your inner heroes side shine this holiday and take shots of your family in full costume. These might be the bravest holiday cards ever. It's a bird, it's a it's the Smith's holiday card!

Need more inspiration? Paper Culture offers more holiday card photo ideas to get you ready to spread holiday cheer! It's already November so there's no time to lose! Those holiday cards aren't going to make themselves. Pull out your camera and get to work creating the perfect shot to send to everyone you know this holiday.

This post was inspired by Paper Culture known for their eco-friendly unique Christmas Cards, Holiday Cards and Personalized Gifts.

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