Time For Two: Our #BestOfValentine Date Night

I received a promotional item in exchange for this post. See Disclosure.
Hubby and I are now thirty-somethings with children, and I have to be honest... we don't get out much. Between finding a sitter to watch the Booper and our busy work schedules we rarely get a date night. Even a simple evening spent together isn't always possible, but this past weekend we were invited to have a date night in by Fox Insiders and The Best Of Me. We were able to enjoy our own #BestOfValentine date night at home.

Enjoying time with my guy doesn't have to be fancy, I just pulled out our valentine placemats and ordered some pizza! A candle set the mood and we enjoyed a relaxing conversation. It's nice not to hurry through a meal and having pizza works for me -no cooking and easy clean up! We had a good laugh about drinking soda out of the wine glasses. Cheers to our eleven years together! The perfect date doesn't have to fall into what someone else thinks is romantic, it's about being yourself with the person you love.

After a quick clean up we could head downstairs to curl up for movie time. I'm a huge movie fan and love quoting all my favorite lines from the classics. My husband only likes certain movies, so if he sits down to a romantic movie, I know he's doing it just for me. We received "The Best of Me" for our special date night. A movie romance that reflects the feeling of real life with it's twists and turns.

Based on the #1 New York Times Best Seller from celebrated author Nicholas Sparks comes this tender, romantic drama about the timeless power of love. When former high school sweethearts Dawson and Amanda (James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan) meet at a loved one's funeral 20 years after tragedy separated them, their love is reignited. As they recall and relive the past, they come to a deeper understanding about the choices they've made. Also starring Luke Bracey and Liana Liberato, and featuring beautiful scenery along with music by Lady Antebellum, The Best of Me is a powerfully romantic story of love, hope and second chances.
Now you've had a peek into what we do for a date night at home, perhaps you can plan a casual date with your special valentine and watch The Best Of Me with them!


  1. Oh I sure know what you mean about getting out. It can be so hard with schedules and kids! I watched my grandson this year so the kids could go out! I really want to see that movie ....looks so good and romantic!

  2. I like how you keep things simple but very special. Happy eleven years!

  3. We've had a lot of company recently...grandkids, my mom, friends... We definitely could use a quiet peaceful date night. Going out to eat and a movie at home sounds wonderful.

  4. So simple and so sweet. Did you pull out the placemats this year? Have some more soda in wine glasses? If not, get the glasses and soda out today for drink wine day. My husband and I are doing are Valentine's dinner tonight actually. We are going out to one of those little country homes that were turned into a restaurant for some home style cookin' It's wonderful!


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